Moving On

Jamie can't take the life she is living at home and school so decides to run away and try to escape. She meets a handsome and sweet boy who offers her a home but will her past life come and destroy the new life she was starting to make? Or will everything work out and she finally be free?


3. Chapter Three: Meeting The Boys

September 14th

"Awe look how cute they are."

"Who is she though."

"Did our little Nialler get lucky last night."

I was confused to who these voices belonged to until remembered Niall's band mates.

"Guys what are you doing in here is too early in the morning."

I hear Niall's voice beside me. "Niall it's 1 in the afternoon."

When I hear a British voice say this my eyes open wide.

"Oh look she's awake."

I look over at Niall and find that we were in each other's arms and we pull away quickly. "Guys get out of my room."

Niall says loudly and all the guys laugh and walk out of the room. I was to nervous to look at any one of them.

"I'm sorry about that I forgot to lock my door last night and they are all really annoying."

"No it's okay but I'll get ready and go thank you for letting me stay last night.

His eyes widen and he grabs my arm as I try and sit up. "No don't go I don't want you to."

"I don't want to intrude in your life I have enough problems and I don't want them to affect you in the long run."

He sits up and looks at me, "I didn't just do all that stuff for you to just get up and leave the next day thinking I don't want you in my life because of your problems. Everyone has their own problems and I am willing to help you and be your friend."

I start to tear up at what he said and I smile giving him a huge hug before saying ok.

After we get dressed Niall bring me downstairs to meet the boys. He also offered the let me stay here with him and he was going ask the boys if I was ok. He is the best guy I have ever known.

Niall walked ahead of me as we walk into the room where all the boys were. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me and Niall. "Hey boys this is Jamie."

"Hello Jamie."

All the boys say this at the same time and I smile.

"We've got a question for you. So Jamie here has no place to stay and I was wondering if she would be able to stay here with us for a while?"

"Do you cook?" The curly haired boy says "um yes I do."

"Nialler you have yourself a cooker, but I'm fine with her staying."

Then the boy wearing a striped shirt asks. "Do you like carrots?" I confusing shake my head yes. "She can stay as long as she doesn't eat all my carrots."

"Do you believe that spoons are scary?" The one wearing a plaid shirt asks.

I smile at this and answer, "of course I do whenever you look at yourself you're always upside down no matter what angle it's so creepy."

"She's definitely in, I think you are the first to ever be on my side."

"Are you good with hair?" To boy with black hair asks.

"I guess so I took a hairdressing class in high school and was at the top of my class."

"Do I even need to answer this question?"

"Well it looks like we have a new roommate!"

I smile widely and then all the boys come up and give me a huge hug and I could barely breathe until Niall told them all to let me go.

"I'm Harry." The curly hair boy says.

"I'm Louis." The striped shirt boy says.

"I'm Zayn." The black hair boy says,

"And I'm Laim." The plaid shirt boy says.

"Now let us introduce yourself and tell you a few things you should know."

Harry says and we all sat down in a circle. "I think we should make this into a game!" Louis says.

"Does everything have to be a game to you." Harry says "it's because I'm creative." Louis answers.

I watch them fight for a little bit and Niall leans in and whispers in my ear, "they have a little bromance going on, but they aren't gay or anything."

I nod my head understanding now. "Okay I guess we are going to make this into a game. Everyone take a piece of paper write your name on it and put it in the hat, except for you Jamie you will tell us about yourself." Harry says and I nod my head.

"Ok now pass the hat around and whichever name you have you have to talk about that person to let Jamie know exactly how he is like you guys understand?"

Everyone nods their head and we start of with Harry. "Okay so I have Zayn."

"So Zayn is obsessed with his hair."

Zayn interrupts "no I'm not!"

"Zayn no interrupting. He likes to use a lot of product in his hair that is why it is alway perfect. He is also one of the longest person in the bathroom and likes to sleep in. We always fight to see who has to wake him up in the morning because he is so grouchy and scary. We call him vain Zayn and he can sing really high it's great."

"I'm not vain." Zayn says and I laugh a bit.

"Zayn's turn."

"Okay so I have Louis. Now Louis is the hyper on of all of us. He likes to joke around and be annoying."


"He loves to pull pranks on you so be careful. He's also obsessed with carrots for some reason? We call him either Lou or Tommo."

Notes to watch out for Louis.

"Liam's turn."

"Okay I have Harry. Okay so Harry is the flirty one he's also the one that get many of the girls because of his curls girls are just drawn to him. But he also have a gay crush on Louis."

"Yay! No I don't'

Liam puts his hand to his face blocking his lips from Harry’s view and saying to me, “Yes he does.”

“Liam i can still hear you.”

“Yeah i know you were meant to hear me.”

“Anyways Niall’s turn!”

Niall clears his voice before talking looking right at me.

“I have Liam, he's known as Daddy Direction by our Directioners..” I interrupt for a second confused by what the word directioners meant. “They are our fans, I don't know how it started but they just call themselves that and we go along with it. Anyways what I mean by daddy direction is because he is strict and makes sure we don't goof off or drink too much and he's like a daddy. But i have to say he does know how to have a good time once and awhile. Oh and he's afraid of spoons.”

“Now it's my turn!’ Louis yells and i can see why they call him loud and hyper because he is. “Okay i have Niall.” He says this and a big smile come on his face and i hear Niall curse under his breath. “OKay so Niall, Nialler, Ni, Leprechaun there are many different nicknames we have for this little guy. He is probably the sweetest guy i know, he's caring and lives by the motto of YOLO. There are a lot of other word for the guy to but i am too lazy and i don't want to be talking all night. Anyways let me tell you a few things about him. First thing is he can eat, he loves his food. Before we named the band One Direction he thought Niall And The Potatoes would be a good name. Oh and when he meet Justin Bieber Liam had to bring him outside so he could scream. This is a good one, one day on the tour bus we caught Niall masterbating he called it rev-”

He was cut off by Niall throwing a pillow at his face and telling him to shut up. I couldn't believe what i had just heard.

“Sorry Niall, scratch that thought out of your head and let me replace it with this. The reason to Niall being the best at hugs ‘Horan Hug’ is because he likes to bury his head into your neck.”

I look over at Niall who now has red cheeks not knowing if it is from the masterbating thing or the hugs thing. “Oh you know you want to hug him right now.” I look over at Louis and glare at him and then look up at NIall and i didn't even have to say anything and he hugs me. Yes we have hugged before but i never took the time to acknowledge them and oh my gosh they were great.

He releases me and everyone looks at me waiting for my response. “Well I don't know....” Their eyes widening thinking i'm going to say no or pretty good, “They are amazing, you can hug me whenever you would like to i give permission.

Everyone laughs and me myself laughs along with them. This is probably the happiest i have been in a long long time. And it's all thanks to this smiley boy sitting next to me.

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