Moving On

Jamie can't take the life she is living at home and school so decides to run away and try to escape. She meets a handsome and sweet boy who offers her a home but will her past life come and destroy the new life she was starting to make? Or will everything work out and she finally be free?


1. Chapter One: My Name is Jamie

Chapter One: My name is Jamie

September 13th 2011 - Future

My name is Jamie, and it's my birthday today. Yeah I know I should be all excited I'm turning 16 and all and I should be out partying with all my friends. But that is the thing, what friends? There is a good reason to why I do not have friends her name is Kim Duke.


September 4 2009

It was my sophomore year of high school and I was so nervous, I was never good at making friends and since I lost most of them because i'm moved schools over summer I knew I had to make new friends but that was hard for me because of how shy and awkward I am.

I had my books in my hand as I was walking down the hall to my next class when I bumped into someone and fell to the ground all my books scattering everywhere. Everyone stops and looks at me and I feel completely embarrassed.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't see you there I was talking to someone! Are you okay?"

I looked up to meet probably the hottest guy ever born and I almost forget to answer him. "No I'm fine don't worry about me."

He then gets down on the ground grabbing all my books and then he helps me to my feet as I grab my books back. "Here are you heading?"

I was confused on why he was still talking to me because a guy like him shouldn't be talking to a girl like me. But I take this moment to enjoy it.

"I think I'm heading to math with Mr. Jones."

"Here let me walk you that is the most I can do for almost knocking you out on your first day. By the way I'm Jake."

He smile at me and I smile back. "My name is Jamie."

"That's a beautiful name I like it, it suits you very well."

I didn't know what that meant but it must have been good if it was coming out of his mouth. I was about to answer him when this girl comes stomping down that hall and glaring at me. I was so confused until Jake says her name, Kim, I know exactly who she was I was told to stay away from her but I don't know why she was glaring at me.

"What are you doing with my boyfriend?"

Oh that makes sense Jake is her boyfriend, "I bumped her and I felt bad so I was walking her to her class."

"Aren't you suppose to be walking me to my class, I'm your girlfriend not her. All you had to do was say sorry."

She then look at me and I got a bit scared, "listen here newbie you stay away from my boyfriend or I will ruin your life."

After that she took Jake's hand and walked away and Jake mouth sorry behind his back.

It came arid lunch time and I was sitting by myself and all of a sudden Jake come up and sits in front of me and I look at him confused.

"What are you doing here, didn't your girlfriend say to stay away from me?"

"Why would I listen to her she is a bitch."

"Then why are you with her?"

"I really don't know, wow thanks Jamie for the great advise." And before I knew it he was up and leaving before I could tell him to stop. And there I was again sitting alone. The rest of the day went by very quickly no one talked to me and I didn't talk to anyone else.

The final bell rang and everyone left the rooms heading to their lockers and what not and I just walk down the halls happy that the day was finally over and I could go home. I then see Kim stomping toward me and I was confused, yes I know I'm confused a lot, but I seriously was confused because I hadn't talked to of been near Jake ever since lunch so I don't know why she would be mad at me.

"You bitch your the reason Jake broke up with me for!"

Oh that's the reason, and before I had the chance to answer that I didn't do anything she slaps me hard across the face. Everyone turns their head around to see what happened.

"You made the wrong choice in messing with me I am going to make the rest of your school career a living hell, do you hear me."

Flashback ended

That's exactly what she did. Jake continued to talk to me and hang out with me he even protected me until he had to move but he told me that I'll be fine and that we will meet again some day he'll make sure of it and i hope he is right because i have and will always have a crush on him.

You're probably thinking you don't need friends as long as you have Yule family there for you right but there again your wrong. Now my father is so devoted to his work he doesn't even recognize me and when he's not works he's drinking. When he comes home he's drunk and beats on my and my mother. Then you have my mother who won't stand up from me or herself and treats me like I'm not even her daughter saying it's my fault that he's the way he is because I wasn't suppose to be born and I ruined everything.

Yeah so as you see I've got the best life ever nothing good ever happens to me. And because I have no friends or family to celebrate my birthday or give me any presents I'm going to do it myself and my present to myself is getting the hell away from this place I call, 'home'.

I zip up the bag and sling it over my shoulder. Neither my father or mother are home so this is my chance to get away before it's too late. I walk down the stairs and without even looking back I walk out the door slamming it shut.

I don't have to worry about anyone I know for two reasons, no friends and it's a school day everyone's in school and all parents are at work. I start walking down the road making my way to the bus stop. I had to get to the city of London before dark so I can find a place to stay for the night.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I lived in London. I haven't always lived here I use to live in a place called Vermont which is located in the United States until I moved here my sophomore year and meet Kim and Jake.

Before I know it I'm at the bus stop and I'm right on time to make the City bus. I load on and get ready for a long bus drive.

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