Enchanting Darkness

Amii has lived her life knowing she is different but when she moves to a new town she finally realises she's not the only one, though of course it had to be the most annoying guy in the world.

As she comes to grips with what goes bump in the night she has to work out who is friend and who is fo. Will she make the right choice? Will she realise in time just how special she is? Will she risk it all for love? Or will she succumb to the dark?


3. Chapter three

She managed to get to Keira’s in record time by cutting through the park. She wondered why Keira hadn’t told her about it but her family being familiar with the area having previously lived here Amii still new a few short cuts.

“Hey your early” Keira answered the door still in her dressing gown “That fine, come on in. Romi’s here too so you can both help me choose what to wear”. She grabbed Amii’s hand and pulled her in and up the stairs.

It was a proper girl fest and Amii felt a little out of place. After moving when she was 5 she never made many close friends and if any it was always boys. It was just easier with boys but Keira and Romi seemed nice.

Clothes were being flung everywhere and Keira was going on about a bartender she just had to look cute for.

Amii grabbed a dress from the floor “Why don’t you wear this?” she held it up for Keira to ponder but continued after some hesitation “It will make your knockers look hot” they all burst into laughter and she grabbed it from her hand.

“Hell yes” she stated as she admired herself in the mirror. It was a simple black dress so she added a few accessories, a long necklace and bracelet plus a light material cardi that complimented nicely.

“Ok let’s get going”

After the short journey in the car we made it in one piece.

The dragon was the coolest place Amii had ever seen. On the front of the outside the name 'the dragon' was in oriental style writing and a huge dragon scaled the side of the building.

Inside, it had a similar style dragon, its long body from left to right made up the bar and at each end they had a flame that flickered different colours. It was very over the top in some areas though seemed to flow from bar to restaurant back to bar then almost club very well. Sleek black and blue pool tables took up the raised platform to the left and this is where the others had already gathered.

They took to the bar and it was not long till Terry jaunted over "Hey, hows it going?" he smiled as he sat down next to her and continued "Amii you look gorgeous!" Amii blushed but thanked him.

As he grabbed the drinks Keira whispered in her ear “I think he likes you” and with a quick side wink they moved towards the others. Amii was actually quite good at pool and was quickly crowned ‘the champ’.

Time flew by and it was the most fun Amii had had in a long time. Keira was the one who mainly got the drinks thanks to her favourite bar tender working but she was kept company by Terry over the green eyes of Sheena.

It was nice to be flirted with, at least that’s what she thought he was doing. Maybe he was just being nice she was kind of new again.

“So what do you think of this place?” Terry asked as they took to their seats after Amii won another round.

“It’s incredible” she smiled

He grinned back “Don’t come to bars often?”

Amii blushed a little “Am I that obvious?”

“Yes” Sheena chimed in walking back with Keira with more drinks. Terry ignored her and leaned in, Amii automatically copied his movements.

“Do you fancy coming again tomorrow night?”

She could feel her cheeks turning an even more red Is he asking me out? She thought.

“Oh yeah, that’s a great idea Ter lets do this again tomorrow. What do you think Keira?” Sheena overheard and interrupted so she didn’t get to find out.

“Oh well my brother has the car tomorrow but I can always convince him. Up for it Ames?” Only her parents called her that and she smiled warmly at her new friend.

“Sounds good to me” Amii thought about Drew for a moment and how helping his sister out seemed out of character. She hadn’t spotted him at the house and wondered what he was doing tonight, then wondered why she cared.

The next day at college she walked into class quickly finding her seat and felt a little fluttered when Drew wasn’t there. Dirty stop out but her thoughts were wrong as he sauntered in with the teacher.

She couldn’t help watching him as he had the biggest smirk on his face and she found herself frowning in response.

“I hear you had a good night” He said as he waltzed past her to get into his seat, she didn’t look back. “From what I hear you have an admirer”.

This time she did look back “Not that it’s any of your business but yes we all had a good time thanks to you not being there”  No matter much she wanted to be nice he just always brought out her bad side.

“Of course I see it though”

“See what?” she asked confused.

“Why anyone wouldn’t fall for that sadistic beautiful wit of yours” She was about to turn round and give him a slap when the teacher chimed up. She faced the front but closed her eyes and envisioned pain.

“OW” Drew moaned allowed.

“Something wrong Drew?” The teacher asked from the front.

“No sir” he quickly responded and under his breath “Just a splinter”.

Amii grinned Better than nothing she thought sadistically to herself.

The day couldn’t go fast enough. She saw the gang at lunch time with evils across the lunch room from Drew but they were chatty and it ailed her for tonight’s gathering.

She got home as quick as she could and begged her parents who were a little less easy going than the previous night but managed to remind them just how important it was for her to make friends.

She set off again to Keira’s house taking the shortcut through the park and as she did she noticed just how dark the evenings were getting. Winter was coming and it was dark earlier now. She felt abit silly all of a sudden, there didn’t seem to be anyone about unlike yesterday where people were walking their dogs.

She began to pick up the pace, keeping her head down until she bumped into something. She jolted her head up “I’m so sorry” she spoke to the dark figure “I wasn’t looking where I was going”

The guy took his hood down “Where are you going in such a hurry?” He asked very spookily.

"Actually I'm meeting a friend here" Amii tried to lie confidently but the crack in her voice on the last word had the guy in front of her laughing. "Hmmm, more to play with then" Said another voice that this time came from behind her. She span again and found another guy and now felt stupidly like she was in one of those horror films.

The guys began to circle her and under the light of the lamp post she could see they were not much older than her but were much bigger than she had noticed initially. While they continued to glide around her like a vulture flying around its prey before the final swoop she actually chuckled to herself thinking of all the ways to die in her imagination that this as rather generic . Trying to remember the little self-defence she knew she braced herself as the original voice began to take the swoop.

"What do you want?" She tried to distract him again trying to make her voice sound hard and confident but the fear was beginning to take over and the loud aggressive voice she was hoping to muster caught in her throat and came out like a timid mouse.

The boy laughed as one said "Thanks for offering sweet cheek’s" He came closer and closed the lasting distance between them. Amii closed her eyes as he stroked her face.

It went very quiet as strange noises began to escape the boy’s mouth. The others began to shift their weight and look uncomfortable at each other and as his head fell back a gasping sound cracked through his closed lips as black veins started to appear and pulsed over his face.

As Amii opened her eyes she realised she could not move away from his hand, his hand which had turned a shade of grey was stuck on her skin. A pulse linking the two together as his essence of life drained from him and through his arm into Amii. She could ‘feel’ him, his disgusting aura. The way he would stalk woman and terrorise them until they were so scared they would just sacrifice themselves to him and the passion and lust he felt when he took their lives. Amii growled in horror and delight as she was engulphed with his energy. 

"Oh guys now really? She's new! We don’t want to scare her off so soon" The male voice came from behind her attackers. She couldn’t see behind their beefy brawn as to who the 'interrupter' was but she felt not only relief but also annoyance which confused her.

With her attention distracted the hand fell from her face and the boy’s body crumpled to the floor. She looked down in horror at what she had done but sighed in relief as he began to whimper away from her hovering body, alive.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the prince of the freaks. Get out of here Clayton. This does not concern you!" One of the guys threatened.

"Oh that’s where your so wrong" Clayton challenged.

There was a noise that sounded like something breaking and then one fell to the floor screaming like a baby. Another stepped forward but the now in view 'DREW CLAYTON' was already there.

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