Enchanting Darkness

Amii has lived her life knowing she is different but when she moves to a new town she finally realises she's not the only one, though of course it had to be the most annoying guy in the world.

As she comes to grips with what goes bump in the night she has to work out who is friend and who is fo. Will she make the right choice? Will she realise in time just how special she is? Will she risk it all for love? Or will she succumb to the dark?


6. Chapter six

The next day Amii was more confident about facing Keira. She was her friend and although she might not think she was good enough for her brother she was convinced she wouldn’t care anyway.

“Hey I’m sorry I missed your calls last night, I completely zonked out” She made her excuse as compelling as she could as they walked along the road towards the college.

Keira smiled “No worries” she seemed distant and full of thought.

“Is everything ok?” Amii asked as she stared at her friend, a sudden fear surfacing Drews told her.

They had already reached the college doors as Keira gave her a quick hug “Im fine, Ill see you at lunch” with that she was gone.

A panic grew thick in her throat He told her was all she kept thinking, over and over in her head as she made her way towards her lesson. I need to talk to him as, she picked up her pace feeling pulled to the room he had to be in but alas as soon as she stepped through the door way she knew he wasn’t in again.

It was like torture sitting through her lessons and as soon as the bell had gone for lunch she practically ran to their table that was already in full discussion with Terry, Sheena and some other guy she hadn’t met yet but no Keira.

She joined them despite the little death stare from Sheena though as soon as she sat she was all over her “So Amii I heard some gossip about you” she froze under Sheenas scrutiny Oh god he told everyone, get ready for the pitchforks.

“A little birdy told me you said no to Terry asking you out?” a wash of relief fell over her but she quickly zoned back in as she realised that all of them were staring at her waiting for a response. She wanted to smack Sheena right across her smirking mouth.

She could feel her cheeks beginning to blush “Oh who did you hear that from?” I asked trying to bide some time to think of a getaway.

“Oh that’s not important but poor Teddy here, how could you not want to go out with him I mean he’s gorgeous”  She was confused at first, why on earth would she want them to go out but when she caught a glimpse of Terry’s response to her calling him gorgeous she got it. Of course she was just playing games, making him see that she was not interested but Sheena thought he was blooming Thor or something.

“Well actually” Amii piped up “He hasn’t asked me properly” she didn’t know what came over her, of course Terry was cute but she had decided not to lead him on. One jealous annoying girl playing mind tricks and she was being a bitch.

Terry needed his mouth picking up from the floor which unfortunately his friend did for him “Sounds like you need to ask her again mate” he grinned back into focus and looked straight at her ignoring Sheena’s horrified glare. “Uh ok” Terry spluttered “Fancy going out at the weekend?”.

She couldn’t say no now despite not wanting to hurt him Sheena’s face was a picture. Her plan backfired and she was going to hell “Sure, sounds like fun” She said as she stood “Ill see you later though I’ve got some things to chase up”.

He waved bye but as she walked away she heard him give a ‘thanks’ to Sheena. She couldn’t help but look around one more time to find her face completely wrinkled in a grump. She smiled to herself though it didn’t last long before the guilt began to seep in.

Amii distracted herself by trying to track down Keira but there was no sign of her. She almost gave in to her rare rebellious nature and skipped class to go to their house but she made it only to the doors before she turned back around. She decided she would go straight after college and sent a text to her mum to make sure she wouldn’t wait for her for dinner.

By the time she had reached the house she had almost talked herself out of it. The one person she was least likely to trust, the obnoxious, big headed, jackass knew her secret plus the secret she didn’t even know she had and now he might have told his sister, her best friend. I mean they hadn’t been friends for long but she really was her best friend. The jack ass held her knew life in his infuriating hands.

She held her fist up to knock against the door but it froze before impact. She focussed on it, trying to make it finish its course but it wouldn’t budge. What was she doing?

Just as she was about to turn and await her future with dignity the door swung open. Her eyes were glued to Drew’s. “So were you gonna just stand there like a statue or were you actually going to knock?” he said smirking.

Amii found her anger that she had been bottling up, just looking at his half smile made her pulse race. “Look, I don’t care that you told Keira, I don’t care that your now avoiding me or scared of me whatever but you can’t hide forever. I need to know, do I get a head start or are the FBI in there too?”

He grinned from ear to ear and saying nothing just took a few steps back grabbed his coat and pushed Amii out as he closed the door. “Let’s go for a walk” he simply said.

She was completely frustrated but did as he said, after all her life was in his hands.

They walked in silence for how long she didn’t know but the sun had begun to set. Every time she looked at him he seemed so far away, full of thought. Maybe he hadn’t made up his mind yet, it sent shivers down her spine. 

They reached the edge of the city and walked along the side looking down at the sea over the concrete walls. The sea was eerily calm, the harbour only a small dot in the distance.

She couldn’t take much more of the silence, she pulled at his sleeve and it didn’t go unnoticed that he flinched. “So that says it all” she began to turn away angrily but he grabbed her arm while he tutted aloud.

He just stood there looking at her, making her feel like a freak. She couldn’t bring herself to speak again. She had already put herself out there too much.

She began to turn and walk away but before she could he grabbed her arm.

Amii's face grew to frowns of worry until finally Drew smiled softly and stroked the side of her cheek. As his warm hand touched her skin she felt a jolt of electricity run through their exchange. He turned her body slowly and hugged her from behind. He lifted his hand up slowly towards a lamp post which was slightly alight with the fading sun. It suddenly flickered off and back on.

She looked up at him curiously. He rose his hand again, higher this time and all the lights along the sea front began flickering on and off above them. Amii grinned from ear to ear in awe and amazement. She leaned back into Drew’s embrace and he leaned in closer and brought his lips to her ear and whispered "Did you think you were the only one love?"

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