Enchanting Darkness

Amii has lived her life knowing she is different but when she moves to a new town she finally realises she's not the only one, though of course it had to be the most annoying guy in the world.

As she comes to grips with what goes bump in the night she has to work out who is friend and who is fo. Will she make the right choice? Will she realise in time just how special she is? Will she risk it all for love? Or will she succumb to the dark?


1. Chapter one

"Amii get up! You dont want to be late for your first day!"

Amanda beamed with pride as she handed Amii a plate of pancakes. "There you are sunshine and aren't we so excited? My baby’s all grown up and off to college!!"

"If you keep feeding me up like this I'm not going to fit through the door" She smiled at her mother sweetly as she swooped the pancakes from her hand. Amanda shook her head "Nonsense. It’s a day to celebrate, a breakfast for champions, or at least my soon to be journalist daughter".

"The course is like 3 years and then I have to get an internship and work my way up. I think it’s going to be awhile before you can call me that" She sighed to herself as she thought of how much work lied ahead of her.

"Honey, It’s down to you to make what you can out of it. Just remember 'If your chasing a story and you have a notebook..."

"...your a journalist'. Thanks for the inspiration" She smiled at her mother’s long standing attempt of inspirational quotes.

"Just remember”, Amanda commented as she grabded a napkin and started wiping Amii’s mouth. “First impressions are everything so please, for me eat with your mouth closed at lunch". She grinned and while making her eyes go cross eyed while opening her mouth wide to show the sight of her food mushed up. "What a delight dear. You'll win them over in no time at all" They laughed together "Here, have some lunch money. Now trot on treacle or you really are going to be late".

After basically running to college Amii gasped trying to catch her breath as she noticed that there was no-one outside. ‘Crap’ she thought as she began to run again.

'Well here we go' she thought to herself as she opened the doors.

As she entered she was not surprised to see the halls completely empty. She checked her watch and sighed in relief as she still has 20 minutes but wondered where everyone was. She walked slowly down the hall, reading the numbers on the doors as she went. 'This is creepy'.

She found number 13 and chuckled to herself at the silly superstition. After she turned the handle she felt something slimy. She looked down at her now blood covered hand and froze. She thought about running and screaming. Definitely screaming but she couldn’t move. She felt glued to the spot and only moved her hand out to push the door the rest of the way open.

The classroom floor was filled with bodies completely dismembered. The floor a lake of blood, began reaching out for her feet. She finally found her voice and let out a howling scream of terror.

A chuckle from the corner of the room so low that she almost missed it, she shooted her eyes to the man perched on the edge of a table and stares at him as he continued to laugh. He slowly rose and she eyed the blood soaking up through his trousers making him look like part of the lake. He glided so quickly over to her and again she became stuck. She chided herself for not running but more so for noticing how incredibly handsome this psycho murderer was.

 As he got within reaching distance he simply pushed back a strand of escaped hair from behind her ear and as his hand came away he gently stroked her cheek and cooed "So soft". He leaned in as a single tear escaped from Amii's eye and he whispered "You shouldn't be here".

He leaned back and let a snarl escape his lips, as he rose his arm to her she whimpered. She knew she was going to die.

He swooped his arm down and she jumped up out of her nightmare to find everyone looking at her with amusement.

"Not enough sleep Miss Darling?" the teacher called from the front of the classroom.

"Sorry sir" was all Amii could muster as the class giggled and Amii's face grew red. She shuffled in her seat as the teacher demanded attention back from the class.

"Bad dream?" Someone said from behind her. Amii looked around and jumped once again, to see the man from her nightmare perched in the same position. "Sorry. I didn’t mean to... scare you" He smirked as Amii smiled politely and turned back around.

The rest of the day went in a blur. There was so much information to take in and she had about four different full notebooks already. She spent most of the day trying to avoid people. She had been so embarrassed after the nightmare and to top that there had been a couple of pathetic boys making snoring noises every time they walked past her. Of course they were all friends with the guy from the dream. The creepy, mysterious, hot, annoying guy that again she mentally slapped herself for even thinking that he was hot!

As the day came to a close she internally sighed in relief. That was untill she got a text to remind her of her driving lesson after class. She now mentally swore as she checked her watch and saw she was already 10 minutes late.

She grabbed her things in a bundle and started up a jog. As she turned the last corner of the building she smacked into something so hard that it made her bounce back before all her things fell to the ground. She groaned out in pain and then outloud as she looked up at the guy from the dream, the thing that she had bumped into.

He smiled at her and stared into her eyes for only a second but then walked off.

"Excuse me!!" Amii said harshly. "What a dick" she said lower to herself.

"That’s one of many things we call him!" A girl bent down and started helping Amii pick her stuff up. "I apologise for my brother’s lack of manners, we usually just call him Ass".

"Your his sister?" Amii realised she was staring and continued "Sorry, it’s just you look nothing alike". Amii grabbed the last book from the floor and looked up at the girl in front of her.

"No well apparently I inherited manners and Drew got the looks. Though there is also a rumour that mum got a lot of visits from the milkman around the time of my conception" she chuckled away.

"I like your sense of humour. It seems your the only one who's got one at this place. I'm Amii" She moved her hand out as the girl took it and shook. "I'm Keira. Oh here.." Keira handed Amii's books back.

"Oh thanks..." A horn interrupted their exchange and as Amii looked over she spied a very annoyed looking man. "I'm sorry that’s for me but catch you tomorrow?" Amii said over her shoulder as she began walking to the car.

"Yeah, come find me at lunch! Bye". Keira stayed in the same spot, eyeing the man waiting for Amii.

"Miss Darling. Late again I see" He mocked as he got out of the driving seat and moved around the car and into the passenger seat.

She throws her head back. "Oh uncle Norris. How I've missed you so. Shall we go?" Amii's uncle and driving instructor Norris was a very odd looking man. Short stumpy legs but a very long torso he generally looked nothing but odd.

Amii's ability to drive was not like her powers. It had never come easy and even after god only knows how many lessons she still couldn’t get the hang of it. Uncle Norris usually clung to his seat and had his seat belt so tight it pretty much cut off all circulation to go with the pale white face.

"Watch out!!" Norris screamed at her and just as Amii's attention span kicked in again she felt the thud of the animal under the wheel. "Oh no" she cringed to herself and after pulling over she hid in her hands.

"It’s ok, It happens" He patted her back uncomfortably. "I'll go and make sure it’s put out of its misery".

"No" She bolted up. "I mean no, it’s ok uncle I have to face these things. I'll go and check". She got slowly out of the car to make sure he didn't follow her. Satisfied that he wasnt she walked quickly to the struggling hare on the road.

She had only ever healed much smaller creatures before but she had to try. Hare's were always so much bigger than just rabbits and she suddenly felt a wave of guilt as she bent over the creature.

"It’s ok" She cooed as she placed her hands on its body. The hare went still very quickly as Amii's aura washed over it and calm spread through the animal.

Closing her eyes in concentration she imagined warmth and light moving and shifting through her hands and into the animal. Her hands were hot as she continued to envision the hurt and pain coming up through her left hand to her and the healing through her right to the creature.

She could feel its pain and as she continued she got a jolt across the back of her head and then a small amount of blood trickled from her nose as a result the animal suddenly bounced up and bolted off.

She smiled to herself as she rubbed the back of her now very sore head.

"What was that?" Uncle Norris whispered behind her.

With all her concentration on healing the hare she hadn't heard his approach and wondered how long he had been there. She quickly stood. "Oh it’s just a nose bleed. Uh it knocked my nose as it jumped up. Amazing wasn't it? It seemed absolutely fine. It had a bit of a spaz out like it was having a fit or something then just jumped up".

Uncle Norris looked a bit shocked and confused so Amii started walking to the car.

"Come on uncle. We don’t want to be late for mums famous cooking".

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