Enchanting Darkness

Amii has lived her life knowing she is different but when she moves to a new town she finally realises she's not the only one, though of course it had to be the most annoying guy in the world.

As she comes to grips with what goes bump in the night she has to work out who is friend and who is fo. Will she make the right choice? Will she realise in time just how special she is? Will she risk it all for love? Or will she succumb to the dark?


4. Chapter four

Amii gasped as Drew swung his fist at the guys face and knocked him flying. The third looking at the first two, one with what appeared to be a broken arm and the other with a serious nose bleed decided to run. Finally the forth that had been whimpering on the floor crunched to his feet and turned to face Drew. After saying something that she couldn’t quite hear he ran off aswell.

Amii faced Drew who was rubbing his fist. "Are you hurt?" he asked. Amii shook her head not being able to find her voice. "Well I guess this means your now in my debt". The smirk of his voice banished any of her appreciation that she may have had but also the lingering disgust that boys aura had left in the pit of her stomach including her own disgust and confusion at herself from what had happened and once again she only felt annoyance.

"I would have been fine If you hadn't shown up" Amii began walking in the direction of Keira's house. "Oh really? A little girl like you, and how do you suppose that?" Amii stopped and turned to look at his face and rather than the mocking expression she expected to see, she only saw curiosity and worry. Panic rushed through her, had he seen what she had done? She pulled a frown and began walking once more.

Drew followed staying a few paces behind until they reached the house.

"Oh Amii hey?" Keira grabbed Amii in an embrace and showed her inside.

Amii was about to fill her in on the horror of the park, well most of it anyway but Drew got there first. "I found her lost in the park. She has no sense of direction" Drew looked a look at Amii and for a second she felt lost in his eyes until he released her and took to the stairs two at a time.

She looked back at Keira and was thankful that she hadn’t noticed their exchange. "I tried to take a shortcut" She shrugged it off but made a mental note to ask Drew why he hadn't fessed up to playing ‘hero’ she assumed he would have with his big ego head.

Keira grabbed her hand and dragged her up the stairs "I seriously need help with my outfit!" she giggled.

It was a blur watching Keira try on dress after dress again and she tried to make the appropriate smiles, ohh’s and ahh’s and ‘oh yes that one’ but she kept finding herself distracted. It was harder without Romi this time, she was out of practise.

Now that Drew was away from her she found herself feeling the essence of the scumbag that she.. well she wasn’t sure what she had done but it was nothing like she had experienced before. She had only ever healed and that had come to her so quickly.

Years ago when she was first fostered the pet hamster had died, she had cried for hours and when they went to bury it she had insisted on saying goodbye. She held It in her hands and the next thing they saw was the little creature squirming around. The family were so freaked they sent her back immediately. That was first of many foster places that always found something ‘not quite right’ with her that is until the house of hell came into the picture.

Amii had been trapped in that place for 2 years. Full of foster kids, the family seemed nice at first but the longer she was there the more ferocious they became.

It started with a slap on the wrist but soon led to being locked in her room for days. Some of the last acts of Eric, the man that lived there were locking her and another girl up in chains. The other girl had bruises all over her and was often so quiet you would barely notice she was there, after awhile however she was loud and aggressive, she would thrash around so much so that Eric had to try and contain her legs.

Once he got too close, she screamed out as she wrapped the chain attached to her arm around his neck. She was only little but had mustered some unseen strength and energy, after his body became still she took the key from his pocket, released herself then Amii and disappeared into the night. She never saw her again.

Zapping back to reality she found it strange that she had flashed back to that girl and found that the image of the lifeless body lingered in her mind.


"I’ll get the next round" Terry offered.

"Oh I'll help you carry" Sheena chimed up with a little too much enthusiasm that did not go un noticed.

"Just a coke for me" Amii shouted after them.

Drew, much to Amii’s surprise had taken them to the bar like Keira had promised and left pretty much immediately.

"So let’s see if I can knock you off your winning streak" Keira giggled as she started placing the balls in the wrack.

Amii giggled back "I recon you guys are trying to get me drunk and if it’s to decrease my ability at pool... it will work" They both laughed as Keira broke. Just as Amii was about to take her first shot she felt a force pulling her to the door. She looked up just as Drew entered again followed by what looked like his entourage of mindless bimbos. He shot a glance their way and nodded then continued to the bar.

"Eugh, what an ass" Amii commented aloud, forgetting for that moment that his sister was next to her. She spluttered "Sorry Keira. I forget your related" she leaned over the table and continued her aim.

"Hey no worries but seriously I know how he can be but he seems to have really gotten under your skin. Most people have a general loathing but you seem to be whole hog of hatred?" Keira looked at Amii expecting a realistic answer. How could she tell her that besides being a general ass that he just happened to be killing her family in her nightmares and although it’s only a dream she just couldn’t shake it?!

"I think we’re just opposites" she settled with as she potted a further two balls. Keira just nodded in response and although it was obvious there was more to it she didn’t bring it up again.

"Here we go" Terry put the tray of drinks on the table and Sheena carried a couple more behind him. Amii imagined them in a cartoon drawing with Sheena, ever the faithful pup on a leash behind him.

"Oh my gosh..." Amii grimaced as she looked at the drinks. "You really are trying to get me drunk! I'm not doing shots! Where’s the cola??" Terry giggled "These are actually from your brother Keira" he handed out the shots "Apparently a 'welcome to the village' kind of thing for Amii".

Amii's eyes immediately flashed to Drew's who was already making his way over to them.

"One... Two... Three..." Everyone but Amii downed theirs in one apart from Sheena who dribbled most of hers down her white top. ‘Obviously’ Amii thought.

"Oh, looks like you missed a bit" Drew walked over to Sheena, picking a napkin of the table he began to wipe her top just above her breast but still kept a devilish smile towards Amii. Sheena looked thrilled at the attention.

"Not a drinker?" Drew's mocking tone and smile made the fire in Amii rise.

Amii downed the shot in one "I just prefer the good stuff. What was that rose tequeila? Sweet but never dangerous" Amii gave a little devil smile of her own as she got back up and potted the black.

Keira shrugged "Looks like Amii's the official champ of the night" and sat back down in her seat.

"She hasnt played me yet.. What do you say Amii, up for a real challenge?" Drew took the cue from his sister and dabbed the end with chalk.

Amii hesitated despite her all talk words regarding the drink she did feel a little tipsy but everyone was looking at her expectantly.

"Come on girl it’s about time someone knocked him off his high horse" Keira smiled encouragingly and Amii picked up her cue.

He was good, really good. In fact his break alone potted three balls but Amii was good too. They chided and provoked each other constantly and as she felt the irritation drain away Drew consistently tried to invade her personal space which sent chills down Amii's back every time their skin touched, even for a second.

The nearer the end of the game the more they played dirty, snookering and tickling each other until finally Drew had the edge. He was down to the black and Amii still had two balls on the table.

With an epic miss on Drew’s part Amii had her chance and she knew she would never hear the end of it if she lost. Amii lined up her shot, closed her eyes and sprung them open as she took the shot.

The white ball hit the first ball which went in easily but then as if an unseen force had taken over it, it bounced off the cushions finally making its way to the other ball, potting that one then stopping just in front of the black with a straight line to the winning pot.

Amii’s eyes shot up in surprise and twirled between the people around her. She definitely had not done that, she quickly tapped the black down while the others stared in disbelief. All but one… Keira.

"That was amazing, even for your mad skills" Terry came round the table and hugged her "Championie" They all cheered.

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