Do you miss anyone?
Because I do

This is not the best thing I've ever written but thought I would share it with you guys anyway instead of it just getting lost in my files, so here you go, I do hope you like it even though it's not the best

Have a good day

All the love



1. Missing

Missing a person is probably the worst feeling in the world.

I think you can define the word missing in 3 different ways, the short term missing where you know the person will be back very soon, the long distance missing, thats where you simply live to far away from each other so you can't see them, and last but not least the never getting back missing, when you spilt up.

The last one might be the hardest in the moment, but it will go on and the pain will end.

I think the second one is the hardest, knowing that you live hundreds of miles from each other, knowing that no matter how much you wanna see the person you can't.

You can't text all day long because of time difference. The only contact you have is Skype and messages, you have to plan every time you wanna Skype, and the warmth of finally talking to the person is only temporary, because you know that when you turn of the camera it's back to normal.

I think that one is the hardest, but no matter witch one you think, because you might disagree with me, but the thing we both can agree on is that missing someone sucks.

Some people say it's good to actually miss someone sometime, because else you don't know what you have before it's missing, but I think that's bullshit, I think we all know what we got, the only think I think it shows us is how big of your daily routine they had, all the things you now have to do differently because the person isn't there anymore.

It doesn't matter if you've known the person for a year, a summer or simply just a year, one person can change your world so rapidly, and when they are away, your missing them so terribly much.

One thing I know, I miss some people in this very moment and it sucks.

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