internet friends • mgc [catfish prequel]

in which a girl is supposedly being catfished by a facebook account.


2. 0.1

"good night." i said, yawning as i waved to my phone camera.

"good night!" my internet best friend, tia, said while also waving back.

i hung up the call and put my phone on my bedside table.

d  i  n  g  !

i groaned as i grabbed my phone and looked at the screen.

facebook: michael clifford has sent you a friend request.

who's this? i unlocked my phone and went onto his account. holy shit! he's so cute. but we have no mutual friend requests? i'll just yolo it.

facebook: samantha claudio and michael clifford are now friends!


yay ! finally a prequel for my other story, catfish !

i'll update this frequently but the more likes + comments etc i get, the more motivated i get so if you want more and faster updates do that !

go check out my calum fanfic, 'pretend' :-))

shameless self promo 😂✌🏾️

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