Fighting For Our Love

Angelita Mendoza has recently discovered she had to move to Malibu because her mom re-married. She's going to miss all her friends back at her old school. What happens when she meets a boy named Zach.


3. ✖️Chapter 3✖️

Angelita Mendoza

Waking up I got dressed in a pair of jeans, a flower pink top, and a pair of black fab bow jelly sandals.

Leaving my hair wavy I put in my pink flower earrings and my crystal ball belly ring. Grabbing my phone and bag I got in the limo and me and Hayley went to school. My first class went by fast. I was in the locker room getting ready to join the Bears to be on their squad. Walking into the gym I was dressed in a pair of sweat pants, a gray tank top and whit Nike air max sneakers. I went around the bleachers and I seen Zach playing basketball. I then stood there arms crossed looking at the Bears dance.

" so you trying out for the team " I hear Zach ask

" no I was just checking things out " I said

" that's cool...yea you know they kinda sucked after my sister quit " Zach said and I looked with a ' what ' look on my face.

" wait you're Amy's brother " I said

" not in her fan club huh " Zach said

" I'm starting my own club it's called the league of Amy can kiss my ass cause I don't care about her " I said

" oh yea you won't be the only know not every pretty girl like you doesn't have to be a cheerleader " Zach said and I rolled my eyes as he looked at me when he talked

" oh really " I said

" and the stuff they do is way harder than basketball anyways " Zach said

" it's not that hard " I said

" oh no " Zach said

" no " I said

" that's easy for someone who isn't a cheerleader to what you think you play ball " Zach said as he started bouncing the basketball around me making me laugh.

I tried taking the ball away from him but ended up unsuccessful. He held the ball out in front of me and I tried to grab it but he put it behind his back. Zach out the ball in front of me again but I wasn't successful at grabbing it. After he stopped messing around with me he hand me the ball.

" thank you " I said

" go ahead and shoot it " Zach said pointing to the net

I faced towards the basketball court and shot it to the net but it didn't go in.

Instead it hit the basketball coach and I said sorry.

" you don't think I can play ball huh " I asked

" maybe a little this is how you do it " Zach said and he came up behind me and put my hands where they were supposed to be and helped me shoot it in the basket.

When it went in the basket I was so happy. As I walked over to the Bears I looked at Zach.

" beat this " I said

" okay " Zach said and going over to the squad I seen Hayley.

" Lita you came " Hayley said and ignoring her I looked to see what the team was doing and what they did.

Getting the steps I turned around towards Zach and did the moves with them. As I was still doing moves everyone except for the basketball team.

As I finished before Zach went to go change he smiled at me. I turned around to see the Bears in a group huddled.

Standing there I heard Hayley scream of joy.

" what " I said

" good news you made the team " she said

" let's face it Lita is the team " Clarissa said

" and we voted you captain " Hayley said

" but I thought you were the captain " I said

" yea by default and I suck but you are really really good " Hayley said

" yea " Clarissa said

" I mean you could fix us " Hayley said

" look I thought I could do this but no " I started to walk away but Hayley stopped me.

" use your powers for good to help us please " Clarissa said

" I mean we do cheer at every one of Zach's games " Hayley said

" yup " I hear Clarissa say

" so I don't care about him " I said

" yea rite Lita we'll pretend we believe that " Clarissa said

" please Lita we will work really hard cause we can be good I promise " Hayley said

" good luck with that " I said and started to walk away again when Hayley grabbed my arm.

" we still can fill in another spot you can fill it in with whoever you want too it could be someone good " Hayley said

" yea like swear to help me out " I asked

" I would do anything I can " Hayley said and I looked over to the squad thinking maybe they do need me.

" okay I'll do it " I said and everyone cheered and Hayley then Clarissa pulled me into a hug.

That night I was downstairs and heard the doorbell ring I was going to open the door but Logan beat me to it. He opened the door and here stood Marcella.

" hello can I help you " Logan asked

" Lita!!! " Marcella yelled

" Ella!!! " I yelled then my mom and Hayley walked downstairs

" Lita que pasa ( what's this ) " my mom asked

" the new member of our team " I said and my mom looked at me

" go Beavers " Marcella yelled

" it's Bears mom you told me to make an effort " I said

" wait you got one smoking casa ( house ) " Marcella said

" uhm thank you " Logan said

" okay Logan's kindness is not to be taken advantage of Lita " my mom said

" not even a little " I said

" Marcella your mama should be worried about you " my mom said

" oh I almost forgot " Marcella said and she stepped outside the door and waved bye to her mom.

" where's she going " I asked

" she's got to go to work but she'll call you in the morning to tank you...I have a boyfriend mama thinks this is like putting me in the virginity protection program " Marcella said making me roll my eyes

" you do know that there's going to be no boys here rite " Logan said to Hayley

" come on dad get with the dialogue " Hayley said

" dialogue I know you ain't her street talk " Marcella said to me

" come on dad can she stay please daddy " Hayley asked

" okay fine " Logan said and we screamed and jumped around.

We grabbed Marcella's stuff and headed up to her room. We then helped he unpack and we all settled into bed.

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