Fighting For Our Love

Angelita Mendoza has recently discovered she had to move to Malibu because her mom re-married. She's going to miss all her friends back at her old school. What happens when she meets a boy named Zach.


2. ✖️Chapter 2✖️

Angelita Mendoza

Waking up I got dressed in my outfit for my first day of my new school. I curled my hair then put on my silver crystal hoop earrings , and silver bangle set with my heart ring and my angle wings belly ring. Walking out my room my phone rang. I looked to see that Marcella is calling me.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - hello

Marcella💋👌 - hey girl

Me - what's up are you guys practicing

Marcella💋👌 - yes

Me - also remember to do the table top combination and make sure Stacey does her full back

Marcella💋👌 - yes no problem oh what's it like out there

Me - lifestyles of the rich and annoying

Stopping in my tracks I see this baby bluetrophy case wih cheer trophies inside. I gasped.

Marcella💋👌- what is it

Me - dios mío ( oh my gosh ) you have to see this

I opened the door to the trophy case and looked at the trophies and pictures.

Marcella💋👌 - what are you looking at

Me - her mom won championship three times

Marcella💋👌 - wow that girl must have cheerleading in her blood

Me - from what I see I think it skipped a generation

Again hearing Hayley's voice made me jump and turn around.

Marcella💋👌 - what happened

Me - I got to go

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

" looking for me " Hayley said

I turned around and looked at Hayley.

" is this you and your mom " I asked pointing at one of the pictures.

" oh yea " she said

" wow ella es bonita ( she is beautiful )...she must've been an amazing cheerleader " I said and seen a cheer necklace.

I then hen started to reach for it but Hayley stopped me.

" oh no don't touch that ... I don't like people touching her stuff " she said

" I'm sorry " I said

" it's fine " Hayley then closed the trophy case and I moved out the way as she did.

" again I'm sorry " I said

" now come on you don't want to be late for your first day of school " she said and I grabbed my bag and Hayley grabbed my arm dragging me with her.

" rite cause being the new kid is so much fun " I said and we waked to the front of the house to see a limo was waiting for us.

Getting inside the driver then drove us to school. Getting out Hayley showed me around campus.

" so the pool and stadium are over there oh and you get vegan or sushi for lunch " Hayley said and I scrumched my nose up at the thought of sushi.

" I hate sushi " I said as we were still walking.

" oh and over there is te karate class which doesn't count for pe credit " Hayley said and suddenly three bentley cars pulled up one white , one red , and one black in a row.

We stood there as a girl with dark brown hair got out the red car then a girl with brunette hair got out the white one.

" who are they " I ask Hayley

" Malibu sharks all star squad they got the cheerleading gym across the street but unfortunately some of them go to school here " Hayley said

" the Sharks they won the all star championship last year " I said

" Amy is the captain she's a hater a bears hater " Hayley said

" why " I said

" she used to be one of us until we didn't vote her captain so she quit she took all of our best cheerleaders with her " Hayley said and started to walk over to Amy when Hayley pulled me back.

" what " I said

" hey you can't just walk up to them " she said

" watch me " I said and I walked over Amy and started to talk to her.

" oh I'm sorry no autographs today " Amy said she sounded like a rich white girl.

" oh no no I'm no groupie I'm Angelita my East La squad is like this close to becoming all stars too " I said

" wow and I'm like this close to caring " Amy said rolling her eyes

" I bet you'll care when we take that bracelet from you this year " I said

" cute but then you have to beat us and that's just not happening " Amy said and the girl next to her spoke.

" like her outfit " the girl said

" was I talking to you " I said

" excuse me " the girl said

" no no no time for cat fights Karina as a matter of fact Ang why don't you go back to East La just go North and when you smell poverty you're home " Amy said

" excuse me but Lita she lives here now " Hayley said

" wait you're mother is that Mexican maid that married Hayley's daddy " Amy said smiling

" she doesn't look Mexican " Karina said

" for your information we're Puerto Rican and American " I said

" isn't that fascinating " Amy said

" and my mother was a waitress " I said

" oh and made with tips " Amy said and that's what made me mad

" you know what you'll are lucky my girls aren't here cause if they were the would - " I said but was cut off

" you know what save the urban drama Ang after all you're the lucky one I mean you got to meet real all stars today " Amy said and they looked at me and walked away flipping their hair over their shoulders.

" they give Malibu Americans a bad name " Hayley said and as the bell rang I said by to Hayley and went to find my class.

Walking in the hallway I found my class. Going inside I seen a buff guy with a basketball surrounded by girls. Going in the middle of them I sat in at seat. Everyone in class talked and looked at me. The guy with the basketball stood in front of me.

" eww that's gross " I said scrunching up my nose

" well sorry and you are " the guy said

" Lita who are you " I asked

" I'm surprised you'd have to ask I'm Zach " the guy said

" well Zach you have a booger " I said and he was speechless at what I said and didn't know what to do.

I laughed and gave him a tissue I had in my bag. Zach went to his seat and put the ball in front of him so nobody would see him clean his nose. I looked at him and he looked at me then we laughed. As class went on I took out my phone and texted Marcella.

[ Text Convo ]

Me - met the Malibu sharks we have to crush them

Marcella💋👌 - can't talk rite now have a big problem

Me - what's wrong

Marcella💋👌 - can't talk go to go

[ End Of Text Convo ]

Before I knew it the bell rang. I got out of my seat and left class. I was at my locker when Amy and Karina walked up to me.

" hi so we just figured out your style so are these supposed to be vintage " Amy said pinching on my shirt

" no more like homeless couture " Karina said

" look I don't care what you label bitches think cause where I'm from this is swag " I said

" but you're here now and you kind stand out like bad teeth " Amy said

" look if you want to take this outside we could do this " I said

" hold up " Karina said

" yea Ang you know it's one thing to be a fashion don't but unless you don't want them to give you a permanent facial don't threaten me " Amy said and when she said them two guys and a girl with glasses walk over.

Amy faked smiled at me and Karina flipped her hair off her shoulders and that all walked off. I rolled my eyes and closed my locker. I then turned around to see and Asian girl.

" you must be Lita " the girl said

" yea and who are you " I asked

" I'm Hayley's friend Clarissa yea we're on the squad together " Clarissa said

" you're a cheerleader " I asked

" yea go Bears " Clarissa said

" look no offense but you sound like you're having a cheer-bottomy " I said

" why does everyone say no offense before the offending " Clarissa said and I rolled my eyes and leaned up against my locker.

" look it's been a long day - " I began to say but Clarissa cut me off

" no offense Lita but you're just like them " Clarissa said and she walked past me walking away.

Walking out of the halls to outside I stopped and seen Amy and her squad dancing and people were watching. I took out my phone and dialed Marcella's number.

[ Phone Convo ]

Marcella💋👌 - hey Lita

Me - please tell me you guys know the liberty combination we have to hit every stunt

Marcella💋👌 - girl we got a problem

Me - no don't tell me that Marcella step up make them practice harder

Marcella💋👌 - I did but

Me - no motivate them inspire them

Marcella💋👌 - there's nobody left everybody quit well except Noelle

Me - my team quit...why

Marcella💋👌 - cause Lita I'm not you alright and they don't think I can make them become all stars and honestly neither do I I'm sorry

Me - it's okay I know you've tried your best

Marcella💋👌 - I really did but hey it's not all bad you still get to be princess Lita living in Malibu

Me - it ain't no good here mi hermana ( my sister ) look I got to go my um bus is here

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I hung up with Marcella and seen Hayley waiting for me by the limo. I rolled my eyes and went to the limo getting in. Going home me and Hayley and went inside the house.

" sorry about your team " Hayley said

" I'll deal with it later " I said

" sure " Hayley and hearing footsteps come down the stairs I look up to see my mom.

" but if you want to hold up in your skills until then you can cheer with the Bears " Hayley said

" are you serious my squad ain't even cold yet and you're already trying to have me cheer with you guys " I said

" rite I'm sorry I... " Hayley couldn't even get the words out of her mouth and she ran upstairs.

My mom then came down and stood in front of me.

" why did you say that to Hayley " my mom said

" why it's not like she's my real sister at least in east La I had family " I said

" you have family here now too Lita Hayley has been through so much would you feel if you lost me " my mom said

" alright I guess I'll try to be nicer " I said

" you're gonna do a lot more than try you're gonna be going the Bears uh huh mañana ( tomorrow ) " my mom said and j looked at her shocked she must hate me for doing this to me.

She walked past me and I rolled my eyes. I shook my head and walked up to my room thinking of a way to apologize to Hayley.

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