Fighting For Our Love

Angelita Mendoza has recently discovered she had to move to Malibu because her mom re-married. She's going to miss all her friends back at her old school. What happens when she meets a boy named Zach.


1. ✖️Chapter 1✖️

Angelita Mendoza

​~ Dream ~

My squad and I were on our way to the all star battle championship.

" we're gonna be real tigers in the building , see now I'm not stopping till it stopping till our high school squad is an all star squad are ya'll down " I said

" yea we got your back girl " Marcella said

" and we got in our new weaves " Noelle said

" woo go fight go " Marcella screamed and we all looked at her like she was crazy.

" are you okay " I said

" I mean win " Marcella said and I turned around looking at the guys who stopped us from walking.

" where do you think you're going chiquita " the guy said

" to the all star championship that's where all the baddest squads go to compete " I said

" you don't look like no all stars ma " the guy said

" well we're not... yet but we will be " I said

" then I guess you ain't got one of these " the guy said and lifted up his wrist showing he had an all star bracelet only all star champions get.

" that's an all star bracelet only the best of the best cheerleaders get those how did you get one " I said

" how you think " the guy said

" you probably stole it " Noelle said

" I know you did " Marcella said and we stepped around the guy and his group and started to walk away when we hear music and we turned around.

My squad and I stood there watching the guy and his crew dance. When they were done we laughed. They then stood in front of us. I rolled my eyes then Noelle and I pushed them out the way and made them back up.

" bring it " I said and walked back to my squad then I gave a hand wave to the guy with the boombox.

We started to dance getting all in he guys face. As we were half way to being close to done I see my mom.

" Angelita " my mom said and she waved at me showing me her left hand seeing a huge diamond ring on her finger.

" aye mami no " I said and I started breathing hard freaking out.

The sky then became dark and everything became blurry.

" Lita what's she doing " Marcella asked

" she married a gabacho ( white man ) " I said and mym mom was kissing all over his face then they were kissing all over each other and it made me sick.

Running back to my squad I continued to dance. As they threw me up in the air holding me by my feet I heard a creepy voice. I looked down to see my moms new husband.

" hola " the man said and smiled at me holding my right ankle.

" no stop you're ruining everything " I yelled and heard laughing to see most of my squad laughing at me.

Going down own to the ground two guys from my squad caught me and my moms new husband took me but the waist and dragged me away.

" Lita officially is moving with me and my daughter in Malibu " he said and that's when it felt like my world had just stopped.

People were yelling and reaching for me to don't go. Then that's when I woke up.

~ End Of Dream ~

Waking up in bed from the dream I had almost cried.

" it was just a dream and now the real nightmare begins " I said and got out of bed and took myself a shower then got dressed in my outfit for today.

Grabbing my phone and bag I left my old room that had boxes around it. Walking to the living room I seen them kissing.

" ugh I'm glad I skipped breakfast " I said then my mom and her new husband laughed

" Lita you don't have to go to school today honey " my mom said

" actually yes I do it's my last day in East LA and as captain I need to handle some squad business " I said

" I can give you a ride if you want " my moms new husband said

" no I rather walk or get dragged by a bus " I said

" Lita be nice " my mom said

" lo siento ( I'm sorry ) look I'm gonna be late I have to go " I said wallking past them outside the house and met Noelle .

We were walking and talking about my moms new husband and his daughter Hayley.

" I hate him and his daughter she creeps me out she's like to way single white female " I said

" she's probably just really excited about having a new sister " Noelle said

" don't say that Noelle Hayley is noy my sister not by cheer, blood, or marrige " I said

" I hear you though but Lita you can't complain cause you're gonna be living large " she said

" yea rite " I said and by that time we got to school

" uh oh love birds alert " Noelle said and we seen Marcella with her boyfriend Luis leaning up against his car hugging.

" Marcella " I said

" Noelle and Lita are here okay I got to go " Marcella said

" come on mija you know I love you " Luis said

" ah as much as you love this car " she said

" aye at least she lets me get under the hood you don't " he said

" stupido " Marcella said

" watch it girl " Luis said

" you watch it " Marcella said

" you don't want none of this " Luis said and they then started to play fight while Noelle and I laughed.

" easy there babe and you better not be late picking me up " Marcella said

" what did I tell you about bossing me around in from of you girly girls like that " he said

" at four thirty Luis " Marcella said

" you can't tell me what to do I'm a man un mé fuerte ( one strong me ) I'll be here at four fifteen to pick up your little pom poms " Luis said then got in his car.

" bye Luis " I said

" aye make sure you two watch over my baby girl alright " Luis said

" go Luis " Noelle said

" we got this " I said and when Luis left we walked up to the school and went inside.

Once inside went to the metal detector and they checked to see if we head anything we shouldn't have and I went through the machine putting my bag in a small basket pushing it through the x-ray machine.

" man this's so messed up Lita I mean now we're never gonna get to be allstars without you Lita " Marcella said

" oh no this quickie marriage is never gonna last I'll be back " I said

" okay if you're so sure you're gonna be back why don't you come and stay with me " she said

" because mom thinks that going to school in Malibu is the best thing that ever happened to me she's like 'oh you'll get an better education it's safe and I don't want the worry like seriously I don't see what the worry is and beside this is the first year our squad are able to become real all stars " I said and grabbed my bag then we started walking to our lockers.

" so everyone would know we're for real " Marcella said

" that's what I'm talking about " I said as we walked into the hallways with Marcella to my left and Noelle to my right still talking.

" I'm gonna miss you " Marcella said

" while I'm gone I want you to be captain " I said

" ummm why " Marcella said

" because besides me you have the most cheer experience " I said

" that is true Ella you probably came out the like give me a wah ah ah " Noelle said

" what I don't do captain I hate being in charge man " Marcella said

" whatever you the one that got Luis wrapped around your baby finger thinkin' he can handle it " Noelle said

" that's because I got something Luis wants but he ain't gonna get " Marcella said and we walked to the locker room and got changed for cheer.

Going into the gym me and Noelle sat at a table looking over some stuff. Marcella was trying to be captain and do a routine with them. As she tried to show them what to do what Marcella was doing but couldn't.

" this is a cheer wreck " I said

" yea our girl is dying over there I feel like a witness to a cheer-icide " Noelle said

" you think she can get better " I asked

" hell no " Noelle said and I sat there thinking then I got up and Noelle got up behind me. We walked over to where the rest of the squad was and Noelle cut the music off.

" listen ya'll need to drop the attitude because while I'm gone Marcella is gonna be the captain " I said and everyone started complaining at why should it be her.

I couldn't even understand what they were saying because very one was going at the same time.

" oh it's gonna be like that huh cualquiera que sea ( whatever) " Marcella said and she started to walk away.

" that's not very captain like " I said

" oh I'm sorry my bad " Marcella said more like yelled

" look if we want to be all stars then we need to practice like all stars okay now let's do this ... line up " I said and my squad lines up in two line girls on the left and boys on the right.

" oh this has to be good " Marcella said and I went to the table where Marcella and Noelle were and played music.

As as my squad danced I was happy and excited with them.

" yes " I said and when they finished school seemed to go by super faster.

Noelle , Marcella and I were at my house we were saying our goodbyes. Marcella then handed something wrapped up.

" here " Marcella said

" what's this " I said

" just a little something to remeber us by " Marcella said

" you guys I can never forget you you're my cheer sister mi familia ( my family ) " I said and opened the gift I smiled.

It was a picture of Noelle , Marcella and I in a cheer frame.

" you like it " Marcella asked

" I miss you guys already " I said and they both pulled me into a hug with me on the verge of tears.

I then sighed as the tears started coming out my eyes.

" come back real soon like real soon " Marcella said

" Angelita es el momento de ir ( it's time to go ) " I heard my mom say and I gave Noelle and Marcella one last hug I got in and waved at them as my new step dad drove off.

About fourty - five minutes later we arrived at our new house or should I say mansion. Getting out of the car I closed the door and looked around.

" so um how many families love here " I asked

" one but it's just double size now I want you both to feel comfortable mi casa su casa ( my house your house ) " my moms new husband said

" thanks Enrique " I said sarcastically

" oh come on that's not how Logs pronounces his name " my mom said

" it's okay she can call me whatever she wants " Logan said

" oh really how about- " I started to say but was cut off by my mom

" only if you can say it in church " she said

" well that's really going to limit my vocabulary " I said and stared walking towards the new house walking forward.

" you'll do alright " my mom said and I walked up to my room and went inside and gasped.

I was shocked.

" this is my room " I said looking around I sighed then sat on my new bed and put my picture on the table next to my bed.

Looking at at the picture I said to myself ' I dont

belong here you guys '. Getting up looking around more I was looking at my bathroom. The bathroom was big and had what I thought was two toilets. Hearing Hayley's voice scared me.

" hi " Hayley said

" how do they have a broken toilet rite newer to a new one " I said

" it's not a toilet it's bidet " she said

" a what " I said

" a bidet you use it to wash your butt " Hayley said and turned on the bidet making water shoot up from it.

" oh no no that's nasty how... I don't even drink out of a public fountain you expect me to use that " I said and Hayley laughed and sat down on the toilet seat.

" I told dad you were funny " Hayley said

" thanks Hayley but your dad doesn't really know me doesn't even really know my mother either " I said folding my arms across my chest.

" I don't really think it matters cause when he's with Marian it's like love at first sight " she said

" you first he saw her culo ( butt ) and then he saw her pecho ( breast ) " I said

" what " Haley said confused.

" never mind " I said

" anyways we're sisters now I have always wanted a sister " she said getting in face.

" it's gonna take more than a marriage license to be considered sisters " I said

" well yea I mean I know that " Hayley said

" rite " I said nodding my head.

" anyway umm I was supposed to tell you dinner was ready " she said

" you know what I'm good I'm actually kinda tired it's been a long day " I said and Hayley smiled at me and headed to the kitchen for dinner.

I started to unpack and by the time I was finished I was actually tired. I took a shower and got dressed in my pajamas and I put my hair into a messy bun. Turning off the lights I got in bed and slowly went to sleep.

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