Breaking Broken People


1. Breaking Broken People

Drifting down

Away from all light and joy

The masked faces welcome the helpless

To the void


"Come, stay a while

We'll be nice to you here."

Everyone lies

In the void.


Every cry,

Every scream,

Every fragile heart breaking,

Begins the very second

One steps foot 

 Here into the void.


Those who run

Find themselves right back

Where they started.

So they unwillingly make a home

In this void.


The jailers target the pitiful,

The lost and confused

To twist them into

A mindset such as this.


It's been said

There's only one way out

But in the beginning,

It's more terrifying,

More mysterious

Than even the void.


We came here

In search 

Of an escape from the pain.

We may only leave

When the pain

Consumes us whole.


Our minds are corrupted

Tried to the point of destruction

Here in this void.


A pleasant stay!






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