I Hate Love

Dahvie Vanity is best friends with Jayy Von Monroe, but Jayy has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. He thinks love is evil, but what happens when he finds that Cupid carries a gun... Just for him.


3. Savior

Jayy's POV;


       I cuddled into Jeffree's chest as I sat in his lap. He rocked me back and forth and I soon stopped crying, now I'm just sniffling. "W-why would h-he stay w-with h-her?" I stuttered, Jeffree looked down at me and I looked up at him, "W-w-we're supposed t-t-to b-be best f-friends." I stuttered, feeling like I was about to burst into tears once more. "It's okay Jayy, he'll realize soon enough that friendship is supposed to dominate relationship." Jeffree said, sighing. I heard footsteps coming toward me and I looked to them. I saw Dahvie and I stood up. I looked in his eyes, "J-Jayy." He whispered as he looked into my bloodshot eyes, I put my index finger to his lips, and took it back, I never broke eye contact. "How could you?" I asked, as I felt a lump forming in the back of my throat. My eyebrows scrunched down in anger, "How could you?" I asked again, tears welling up in my eyes. "HOW FUCKING COULD YOU?!" I shouted. "J-Jayy." He whispered again, "I can't believe you." I said, viciously wiping away my tears. "Jayy calm down." I heard Jeffree say, I snapped my head around to look at him, "SHUT UP JEFFREE!" I shouted. I looked back to Dahvie, tears still falling down my face, "I thought we were best friends." I said, my anger fading and now only sadness coming from me.

       "Jayy, we are-" I cut him off, "Best friends don't date people who put down their best friend. I've been putting up with Maggie for months because she makes you happy! She makes me feel like I'm nothing!" I shouted, "FOR CHRIST'S SAKE YOU JUST SAW HER TELL ME TO GO SLIT MY WRISTS!" I screeched. I couldn't stand to look at him anymore, I pushed past him and ran downstairs. I got in the car and cranked it, I didn't even look to see if he was running after me, I was gone. I parked outside of the house and ran in like I was being chased by demons, I slammed and locked the door behind me, then continued running, I ran up stairs, ran into my room, shut and locked the door, and finally curled into a ball on my bed. It seemed like hours went by before, I unfurled myself from a ball and sprawled out onto my bed like a starfish and looked up at the ceiling. It was silent... But suddenly my phone began ringing in my pocket. I jumped at the sudden noise, but quickly answered it. "What?" I answered unenthusiastically, "Jayy, you need to get over here! LIKE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" I heard Jeffree panic, "Why what's wrong?" I ask, starting to worry and sitting up. "It's Dahvie! He got the shit beat out of him!" Jeffree shouted, "HOW?!" I shouted, "Maggie was cheating and her side man found out about Dahvie and shit got ugly! But please hurry!" Jeffree shouted, "I'll be right there!" I shouted.

       I quickly hung up, put my phone back in my pocket, raced out of the houseand sped off in the car. I was panicking the whole way and I finally got back to the house and got out of the car. I saw Jeffree and ran over to him as fast as I could. I swear I'm about to have a fucking panic-attack. "Where is he?! Where the fuck is Dahvie?!" I shouted, grabbing a hold of the front of Jeffree's shirt and bringing us nose to nose as my voice spoke in a panic but I was still demanding Jeffree pointed a ways from him at the grass. I looked over and saw Dahvie laying unconscious on the ground, laying face down. I pushed Jeffree away and ran to Dahvie. I fell to my knees and pulled him up into my arms, his nose was bleeding and he had a black eyes, along with a busted lip. He was paler than usually and I felt tears welling in my eyes as I pulled him tightly into my arms. Suddenly I felt his hand on my shoulder, I let my arms down so I can look at him. "Dahvie?" I question, panicked. "J-Jayy." He whispered, coughing up blood in the process. "Oh, Dahvie!" I exclaimed, pulling him to my chest and hugging him tightly as I cried. I let my arms fall once again and looked at him, "Just stay with me Dahvs, It'll all be okay. I promise." I say.

      I quickly stand up with Dahvie in my arms and run to the car, I put him in the passenger side and run to get in the driver's side. I look over at Jeffree and nod, as I quickly speed off to the emergency room.


       Eventually we get to the emergency room and I run to the front desk with Dahvie in my arms. The woman watched my frantically try to explain what happened, before immediately calling him back. They said I have to stay in the waiting room until everything is stable.

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