I Hate Love

Dahvie Vanity is best friends with Jayy Von Monroe, but Jayy has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. He thinks love is evil, but what happens when he finds that Cupid carries a gun... Just for him.


1. Intro and characters

       Jayy Von Monroe is the one half of the band Blood On The Dance Floor and Dahvie Vanity is the other half. They were best friends even before Blood On The Dance Floor. Jayy identifies as gay and Dahvie identifies as straight. Jayy has short hair, while Dahvie has long hair. Dahvie's hair is spiked in a scene kid style and is black and blonde. Jayy's hair is black. Dahvie has moss green eyes and Jayy has brown eyes. Jayy is 6 feet tall and Dahvie is 5"7 feet tall. Jayy just got out of an abusive relationship with a man named Daniel and Dahvie is dating a girl named Maggie. Maggie hates Jayy and is a bitch to everyone. Especially Jayy.  It's like she lives to be an asshole to him. Dahvie is a party person meanwhile Jayy hates the world and is protective. They are very close to each other. They cuddle a lot, to some people it seems gay but to them it's normal.

      Jayy sighs as he looks around the party, everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives... But he just wanted to go home. Suddenly he heard the band stop playing and a familiar voice taunt him, "HEY THERE! YOU IN THE BACK!" The voice shouted, Jayy looked to see Dahvie's bitchy girlfriend on stage, microphone to her lips. "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?! NO ONE EVEN WANTS YOU HERE! FUCKING FAG! HAHA!" She taunted. He was overwhelmed with hate. He put down his cup and stood up, walking to the bitch. He stomped up onto the stage and grabbed his own microphone.


Jayy's POV;


       "SO I SEE THIS WHORE IS CALLING ME OUT!" I shouted, looking to her. "LISTEN HERE BITCH! THE ONLY REASON YOU'RE HERE IS BECAUSE YOUR DAHVIE'S GIRLFRIEND! IF YOU WEREN'T WITH DAHVIE YOUR SLUTTY ASS WOULD BE ON THE STREETS!" I shouted, finding happiness in her surprise and anger toward my truthful words. "OH HELL NO!" She shouted, "OH HELL YES!" I screetched. "YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER WHORE WHO DAHVIE WILL JUST DUMB IN A FEW WEEKS!" I screetched, "AND QUITE FRANKLY MY DEAR, YOU CAN KISS MY FAGGOT ASS!" I shouted, turned around and exposing my ass to her. I evilly laughed and pulled my pants up, then turned back around to her. "YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" She shouted, I smirked and blew her a kiss. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, whore." I said, smirking. I put the microphone down and walked off stage as she glared at me with pure anger in her eyes. "YOU'RE A SLUT JAYY VON!" She shouted, "WHATEVER WHORE, SUCK MY DICK!" I shouted, laughing and sticking my tongue out at her. I turned around and walked away. I knew I was gonna get hell for that tomorrow but for now I just smiled and strutted away.


      I woke up on the couch with a random guy laying on top of me, we were both full clothed though. But I would mind if we weren't, he's kinda cute. I rolled onto my side, he fell on the couch below me, and I sneakily slipped away. I stood up and smiled, lighting a blunt.... I gotta find Dahvie. He's probably in one of the bedrooms upstairs with his girlfriend. I made my way to the only bedroom with a closed door and knocked. "Dahvs?!" I called, I heard a low groan from inside and feet moving to answer the door. The door opened and I saw Jeffree, "What?" Jeffree groaned, "I'm looking for Dahvie." I said, "He's in here, come on." Jeffree said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into the room. I shut the door behind me and saw Dahvie curled up into a ball on the bed. "What's he doing in here? With you?" I asked, "He was throwing up in the bathroom over there and I came in here to ask if he was okay... He asked me to stay with him, so I did." Jeffree said, "Oh..." I said, quietly. "I just thought he's be laying in bed, naked next to Maggie." I said, "Yeah... Me too." Jeffree said, looking to me and then back at Jeffree.

      I heard Dahvie let out a loud groan and watched his eyes open slowly. I took another huff of my blunt, "This early?" Jeffree asked, "Man, if you got as crazy as I did then you'd understand." I said, chuckling lightly... Even though it wasn't very funny.

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