I Hate Love

Dahvie Vanity is best friends with Jayy Von Monroe, but Jayy has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. He thinks love is evil, but what happens when he finds that Cupid carries a gun... Just for him.


5. I Understand

Dahvie's POV;


       "Don't you have a boyfriend?" Jayy almost shouted at Jeffree, I looked over at Jeffree just in time to see him burst out into tears and run to me. I caught Jeffree in my arms as he cried into my chest, "It's okay Jeffree, it's okay." I cooed, slowly stroking his hair. I looked back to Jayy, "Andy dumped him to 'find himself' or whatever... Jeffree is really sensitive and vulnerable right now." I say, "Oh shit..." Jayy whispered, "Jayy didn't mean to hurt you." I cooed to Jeffree, as he sniffled into my chest. "I'm sorry Jeffree." Jayy says, "I-it's okay, I-I understand." Jeffree says.


Jayy's POV;


      Later after Jeffree left I had a sick feeling in my stomach, but I chose to ignore it. As time went on my stomach felt worse and worse until I was about to cry out in agony. I stood up to go take medicine for it, but the pain caused me to topple over and I screamed. Then something inside me just said, "He's in trouble." I knew that I had to find Jeffree. Dahvie looked at me like I was insane as I got up off of the floor and ran to him, the relief of pain in my stomach did not relieve me at all, I ran faster.

      When I finally got to Jeffree's house, I knocked for much too long with no answer. I kicked the latch loose on the door and it swung open. I ran through the house screaming out his name, frantic, sensing something was wrong. My heart was clenched and my stomach pain was fading away. I finally got to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, the door was locked and I screamed his name at the door, knocking frantically.... No response. I flailed and flung my body at the door when I felt my heart beat race as my stomach felt completely fine know, earning all my strength, busting the door open with my foot. I quickly ran in and looked around, I found Jeffree fully clothed in his bedroom, his right hand was open and limb against the side of the tub, a paper on the ground, I just knew it slipped out of his hand as he fell unconscious. My eyes widened as my hands flew up to cover my mouth, staring in shock... Oh god, no! No!" I screamed as all the pain in my body went away.


       "JEFFREE! JEFFREE, OH MY GOD!" I screamed, the water was no longer see through but red from blood. I went to pick him up and go cut on my arm, I cried out and pulled away from his body that I had drug halfway out of the tub, seeing multiple razors stuck into him, like a strange hedgehog. I kept trying to drag him out, but my hand would slip on his arm and I'd get cut again. I eventually gave up and ended up falling to my knees - crying. I screamed and cried for a while until I finally called Dahvie. "D-Dahvie... O-oh my god... It's terrible." I cried, sobbing and sniffling as I looked at Jeffree's lifeless corpse. "Jayy, where are you? Are you okay?" Dahvie asked, concern flooding his voice, "J-Jeffree's house." I nearly whispered as if I'd wake his corpse... I heard two beeps indicating Dahvie had ended the call.. 

       Suddenly I heard the door open downstairs... How the fuck did Dahvie get here so quick. I heard feet running up the steps and the his feet ran quickly to where I was. I looked to the doorframe and saw Andy... Not Dahvie. Andy dropped to his knees, "I-I was too late." Andy said. "H-He left me a voice mail... A-and... I listened t-too late." Andy whispered, more to himself than me. He looked down at his hands and quickly clenched them up into fists, punching the floor. "Why?! DAMNIT WHY?!" Andy screamed, as I saw a tear stray down his face. "H-he left a note." I say, pointing to the one on the floor. Andy slowly made his way to the note, and it read


Dear Jayy, Dahvie, Andy, or whoever finds this,

      I'm sorry, I'm sorry this is how it ended up for me. I know it's a surprise, I mean... I always seem so happy. Lies, lies to make Andy happy... I love him with my everything but I can't go on without him. This is the end of my chapter. Don't think it's anyone's fault, I did this, it's on me. I'm sorry to anyone who tried to pull me out of the bathtub, these razors hurt. These pills can't help me without overdosing and I'm sorry... I love you all. Never forget that I'm watching you, from hell or heaven, I send my love. Andy, I will always love you and when I said till' death do us part I fucking meant it... Don't cry from me though, I never want to see you cry. Well this is goodbye now... See you later.

                                                                                                       - Sincerely, Jeffree Star

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