How Did I End Up Here?

What is it like being a regular girl who somehow ended up in the band's tight group of friends?

A girl named Miya Kiper finds out....

This story is full of love/hate/confusion/new you's/random stuff


2. 5SOS HERE?! What?!

Miya, a 17 year old girl who somehow became friends with the boys of 5SOS. She was a fan of them but she didn't want them to know, so pretended like she didn't know them. She later found that she had feelings for one of them, but doesn't think he likes her back.

Miya Kiper was just a regular girl who somehow ended up in the boy's of 5SOS tight group of friends. Her story went like this...

Miya POV

"I can't believed you dragged me into this!" 15 year old Miya said yelling at her 20 year old cousin Becky. Becky just stuck out her tongue at her. Miya rolled her eyes looking for something to wear. Her cousin Becky had dragged her into coming with her to a special party with her. Miya didn't usually go to these sort of things because she had always been shy. The only reason she had agreed to go was because her Becky had begged her to go. She tossed aside the fifth outfit, sighing in fustration.

A Couple Hours Later

They arrived at the party, which looked VERY fancy. Greaaaat. She thought to herself, At least they have food and I can always just stay with Becky. She sighed feeling a little better and followed Becky around like a lost puppy, as she proceeded to talk to everyone there.

Eventually they say down at a table. Miya didn't even notice that there were other people at the table until she heard a bunch of guys cheer "Beckyyy" She looked up and almost dropped her fork in shock. She couldn't believe it! Five seconds of summer, here! At this table! This is insane! How do they know Becky! O. MY. GOSH! Then she remembers that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to squeal bringing attention to herself.

Sorry for the incredibly short chapter😁 don't worry I will write the next one very soon and it will be muchhhh longer.

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