101 Poems for the Soul

Some of my all time favourite poems that I've done in my life


5. We Will Be In Love

At first I was happy
That you stole my heart
I though
"This is good, he has my heart
We will be in love"

As time passed
You started acting strange
And I realized
I had stolen your heart too
So I thought
"This is even better
He has my heart
I have his heart, too
We will be in love"

It was complicated

You were confused
You looked at my heart
It was tender and warm
But locked quite shut

I forgot
To apologize
In advance
For that

I looked at your heart
And saw
That it was black

You never told me about that

But still I thought
"This is great
he has my heart
I have his heart, too
I will go to him
We will be in love"

But then
When I came to you
I got there just in time to see
You toss my heart away

I fell to the ground 
Tears streaming down my face
I watched you retreating back
And made a quick decision
I looked down at the heart
Your heart
That I held against my chest
I crushed it
Into a million pieces

You could only turn around
in shock
Before you fell tpo the ground

We met eyes
You were grimacing in surprise and pain
And I was smiling
I thought
"This is good
He had my heart
I had his, too
I went to him
We crushed each others hearts
Now we can die together"

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