101 Poems for the Soul

Some of my all time favourite poems that I've done in my life


3. Short Temper

Caught in the jaws
Of a dark, bat-winged night
Upon whose tongue you cling

Flailing like a voodoo doll
Of flammable spite
You strike
At anything
You find with fiendish glee

Viciously bearing down
Like a flame tailed fighter plane
You turn a full house into
A sooty, empty warzone

You burn yourself to cinders
In the process it's true

Your throbbing soul turns raw
Venom drips from your heart
With the precision
Of a sharp, deadly needle
Reason takes flight
Silence enters on tippy toes
And then there's nothing left to do
But regurgitate your bite

You do that and you fall
Thoroughly exhausted
You fall down like a match stick
That has spent all
Its sulfur on
A wet little wisp of a wick

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