101 Poems for the Soul

Some of my all time favourite poems that I've done in my life


6. Shards Of Heart

Someday I want, just somehow
To make the whole world smile
If only for a second
Or just a little while

I want to cut my heart open
But not to feel the pain
Just to make pure valentines
For others budding pain

I'd send the pieces flying
Like butterflies in the wind
Journeying, still beating
Aflutter, paper thin

They'd land on your doorsteoh
And nestle on your floor
Gentle, fragile, waiting
Til you open up your door

And once they hear your footsteps
The valentines I've wreaked
Will look at you with tender eyes
And ask why you're so weak

They'll ask if you hearts in pain
And if you have some room
Cause love is looking for a home
And wants to live with you

Some of you, in silence
May stare a hesitate
But the shards of heart will linger
'Cause love can always wait

So hopefully you'll reach down
And take it in your palm
Stroke its tired little wings
And welcome in the calm

But one thing that I ask you
Please don't tear my love apart
Cause though they're just valentines
I only have one heart

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