101 Poems for the Soul

Some of my all time favourite poems that I've done in my life


9. Girl With The Glowing Bones

"Cliche blue eyes"
Is just not enough
To express the treasure that you are
I noticed, first, your skeleton
So prominent, so bold
Yet so you
A symbol of death
So full of life
I could see the vibrancy under your skin
The shimmering glow seeping through your bones
Warming thin arms that snugly embrace me
The day I first met you
I noticed your smile
Amidst the thin contours of your face
Wide, welcoming and wonderful
Your blue eyes bright
As your breathtaking bones
But, I'm not here for the eyes, remember?
I'm here for the wrists
Delicate as an infants
Attached to eager hands
That lovingly found mine
And showed me the way
I'm here for your ankles
Fragile as a fading rose
Linked to your light footed steps
So hungry to explore
I'm here for the happiness
The hope
The heart
Encased in a prison of ribs
By the lack of weight you purged
For the sake of perfection
I dream of the day you'll see
That a withering-waist and bone-hugging hips
Are not the reasons that I love you
I'm in love with the light
The spark of your smile
The spring of your step
And the shimmer
Of your fluttering pulse
I'm in love with the girl with the glowing bones
And her cliche blue eyes
That I will never
Their Light

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