101 Poems for the Soul

Some of my all time favourite poems that I've done in my life


10. Falling

I felt as if stars were falling in my chest
Like before falling off the edges
Inhaling the cool spring breeze
Diving through the midnight air
This is where you are
At the far end of this labyrinth
I'm falling
Off the edge of this immense planet
Weight, Limit, all faraway echos
Broken or torn my wings are the same
Now we'll say goodbye
As we're pulled closer to the core of nothingness
Tumbling through this irreplaceable night
You're falling
Under the moon, where the air is sweet
It's hard to believe we were once strangers
The shadows we cast erase all those years
Dreaming those dreams in color this time
I found my wish in the sky once more
It was reflected in your eyes all along
We're falling
Sliding across a black and white photo of the entire sky
Soon we'll plunge into the radiant orange dawn
The slow moving galaxy can't keep up
We're slipping through the cracks in the heavens
Further into each others hearts and dreams
Putting my hand in and pulling this blue desire inside out
We're falling
Smashing the boundaries between fantasy and reality
Smelling the scent of victory on the springs gentle wind
If ever start shines for eternity then so will we
The warmth of your body next to mine is
Like a pleasant dream
I never want to wake
Even if we hit the ground
Faster even still 
Gaining momentum
We're slipping
We're tumbling 
We're falling in love

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