The Life As A Young Death Eater

Something about the things i'm not supposed to like makes me like them even more. This stupid Death mark on my wrist, it itches, it hurts, and I hate it. Its keeping me from being who I really am. The sorting hat sorts you into the house you are destined to be in. What if I.....





2. The train ride

              A week has passed. My father and I go to the train station.There it is, platform nine and three quarters. My father does not enjoy lingering, so he kisses me on the forehead and waves me goodbye. I find the brick wall and run through it. I notice a boy with circular glasses, Harry Potter. I act natural.Why do I have to do this? I did not choose too. If I don't do this, The Dark Lord will burn me and my mark. It's very crowded. I follow Harry. He hop's onto the train and so do I. It is almost impossible to find a seat. There goes Harry at least three rows away. I bail and sit in the compartment across from Draco.

   There is a girl with curly brown hair who seems to be whispering about me, and a boy with a very slimy frog . I introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Cassia. What's your guys' names?" She stiffens like she is deciding whether to answer or not. Then she finally answers," Hello I'm Hermione Granger. This is Neville Longbotton." He shivers as he looks at me. Is he scared of me? Does he see my Dark mark? I ignore it and smile. Hermione looks at my wrist, and I quickly cover it with my sleeve. "What's that on your arm?" She says. Neville looks even more frightened. "Oh it's just a rash." I say turning red. She sighs and looks out the window. I turn to Neville, "I like your frog whats his name?" He swallows. " T-Trevor is his name." I smile at him and he blushes.

   It has briefly been ten minutes and we hit a bump. Neville's frog hops out of his hand and out into the isle. He flops away. He flops away right in front of Harry Potter's compartment, but just then Trevor disappeared. "TREVOR!!!!." Neville cries out. "Hermione we need to find Trevor." I suggest. She nods and heads to Harry's compartment. I see her talking to them. As I start to walk out to meet up with them Draco trips me. "You again." He says with a Nasty grin. I get up, pull out my wand, and point it at him. "I have a lot to say to you, and I'll say it when I find the perfect day. I don't understand why you hate me so much. All you are is a self conceded mommy's boy." I put my wand to my side. "If you don't want me to kill you, I'd recommend you stay away from me." I storm away and I spot Neville's frog at the end of the train. As I walk there, I hear whispers all around me, but when I pass Harry's compartment, he looks at me with a half smile half frown, like he had just saw what I did to Draco. The boy next to him with the red hair is practically frozen with his mouth wide open. I think he doesn't like Draco, and that makes me like him a little.

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