The Life As A Young Death Eater

Something about the things i'm not supposed to like makes me like them even more. This stupid Death mark on my wrist, it itches, it hurts, and I hate it. Its keeping me from being who I really am. The sorting hat sorts you into the house you are destined to be in. What if I..... CAUTION: THIS MOVELLA IS HARRY POTTER ON CASSIA'S P.O.V THIS MOVELLA GOES DEEPER INTO THE HARRY POTTER SERIES IT CHANGES A FEW THINGS.....


1. Harry Potter's Spy.-.

           "Cassia!" My father yells. I run down stairs. "Yes Father?" He stiffens. "The Dark Lord will be meeting us now. Grab your broomstick." I grab my broomstick and we head out.

             As we make it to the meeting, My father forces me to sit next to Draco Malfoy, Great. As I sit next to him, he automatically starts to talk. "Well, well,well if it isn't Cassia Stonewall. The girl who I hate and will always hate." I look at him. His blonde hair slicked back, and eyes as blue as the ocean. I dislike him. "Draco I don't like you as either, so if you would just shut up, I am very certain The Dark Lord is ready to speak." That shuts him up for at least thirty seconds. Then he speaks again. "The Dark Lord will never pick you to be Harry Potter's spy. For sure, he is going to pick me." I roll my eyes at him, because I  honestly don't care. "Draco, he will pick who he thinks is the best and I hope it isn't you, but honestly, I DO NOT CARE!" from then on it's quiet.

           The Dark Lord speaks."Welcome my followers. My Death Eaters, I have selected the student to spy on Harry Potter." I honestly don't really care if I get chosen. He looks in my direction. "Cassia, I choose you." I break out into a cold sweat. " M-Me?" I stutter. "Yes you!" He says with a little sass. "Why-" I stop. I remember not to argue or question the Dark Lord. I learned the hard way. He killed my Mother when she questioned him. I quickly redeem myself. "T-thank you for this opportunity Dark Lord." His smile is so big It covers half his face. "You will be going to Hogwarts Next week. I expect you to bring him to me. I will kill him like I have always wanted to." He looks at my father. " Klonesius, Make sure she does well." The Dark Lord dismisses me and my father. As I look back at Draco he gives me an evil glare. All I can think back at him is, I hate you too.

           My Father and I sit and ponder at home. "Father, I don't want to spy on Harry Potter."  He smiles and pats my head. "I know,but we must obey the Dark Lord. You are a young Death Eater, remember that." I nod and walk to my room. I look at my wrist. The stupid mark itches and hurts.

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