Monday Ghost

Kai, Jason, and Liam have all been friends since middle school and have played the same sport. But, three years ago, when the trio were still in eighth grade, they had a best friend who suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason but now has suddenly reappeared. Jason was the first one to see him, than Kai, than Liam. The Trio are all convinced that it's a ghost coming to seek revenge. But, is that all. Is it just a ghost of a lost friend, or something even more terrifying?


2. Kai


Was it my fault? That's what had thought all those years ago when Shiro first disappeared. Shiro and I had just gotten into an argument with each other and suddenly, Shiro just walked off.


I had guessed that he had gone home, but later, I was notified that Shiro was missing. I was shocked and freaked out when I heard about it. I know that Liam and Jason were too. We searched for Shiro the moment we heard that he had gone missing and all the while we were searching; I kept thinking to myself. Was it my fault? Did I do something to want him to disappear like this? The searching went on for months and months on end. Then finally, the police presumed him to be dead since we couldn't find him.


I was heartbroken and shattered when I heard about that. His family left a couple months later to live up north, and we never heard of them since. Shiro was like another brother. The much kinder and sweeter one than I already have. All exception of Liam and Jason. But, Shiro was like closer than any other person in my life then. It really hurt me when we couldn't find Shiro. It broke my heart even more when I thought I caused his disappearance. I don't want ti hurt my friend. My friends are like family. Hurting them is a bad excuse to cause bad relationships.


Years have passed and Liam, Jason, and I have gone through middle school peacefully, with a broken heart, and have even gone through some tough cases. For sometimes, I forgot about Shiro, and I could tell that Jason and Liam were too. We were forgetting, something that meant really well to us, but now that Jason has brought the whole Shiro-Thing up again, I don't think we will get any sleep or work done.


Jason is convinced that he saw Shiro. The description he gave us was all Shiro. Shiro was the only person who we could think of had bright silver-white hair, skin as pale as dawn white, and eyes as sharp red as blood, that's all Shiro and no one can deny it.


But, if it is Shiro, why has he come back, and how can we tell that he's the real thing and not an imposter or a hallucination?


Well, Monday morning when I was crossing the road to get to school. I bumped into a someone and when I took a last glance of the person; I gasped and by the turns of my wheels in  my brain; I knew that it was Shiro. But that only lasted for just a millisecond because of a huge horde of people scrambled through the road and I was swept along with them to the other side.


I told Jason and Liam when I got to school, Jason looked at Liam with a triumph look and Liam, well he dismissed it and said that it was maybe something I ate. But, I only ate toast with butter that morning, how could that have been the cause? Liam shook his head and dismissed it all over again saying----

"Shiro is dead."

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