Monday Ghost

Kai, Jason, and Liam have all been friends since middle school and have played the same sport. But, three years ago, when the trio were still in eighth grade, they had a best friend who suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason but now has suddenly reappeared. Jason was the first one to see him, than Kai, than Liam. The Trio are all convinced that it's a ghost coming to seek revenge. But, is that all. Is it just a ghost of a lost friend, or something even more terrifying?


1. Jason


From now and then, I still think back to the games my two best friends and I have played together. For years on end, I think about the games we will play together when we are out of  high school. I think about how we will always help each other when the other one is in great need. All of that I think about, and every time I do, I sometimes think about what it would be like if we weren't friends at all. That would be the worst. Kai and Liam are like brothers ones I will and never have, and they are like magnets that stick as like the North and South poles. I love Liam and Kai, I never want them to get hurt, not because of me.


My parents fight a lot over when they get divorced, which should be in years from now, on who will take me. Mom thinks that she should take me, dad think he should take me. Whenever they ask me who they want to go with, I just dismiss the conversation as in "I am not involved with your quarrels."  That mostly shuts them up for two days, but when the days pass, they start over again and mostly maybe all the times, it's about something different. And if they even ask, they can most definitely expect to hear the same answer.


Mom and dad have never gotten along, even when they were kids. It's a surprise they even got married in the first place and had me. It's an even more surprising thought I would never have been born if they hadn't come together. I know that they don't hate each other as much as they say it, and definitely, I know that they don’t hate me. But what's up with the whole threatening each other? It's getting old. And lame.


Liam and Kai say it's cute they love me so much that they threaten each other to have me for themselves. I think it's messed up. When in the world have parents been obsessed with their own child they’d threaten the other one? Huh. That's one thing that has ruined my life so far.


Three years ago, when Liam, Kai, and I were all still in Middle school, we weren't known as a trio back than, we were known as a quad. back then, we had a fourth member of our team. His name was Shiro. Shiro disappeared one day for no apparent reason. After two days of trying to find Shiro, the police presumed him as dead. Even though no one had found his body, we all guessed he was dead. Even his own family which loved him so very much.


Two months after Shiro was pronounced dead, his family moved away from town and settled down somewhere north in the cities. We haven't heard from them since. Not even a letter.


But, even though Shiro was, or is, supposed to be dead, I think I saw him this Monday morning when I was coming to school. I had gasped in horror I couldn't believe it. But after a few moments, a car ran by and Shiro, who was on the other side of the street, had gone. As if he had never been there before.


I told Kai and Liam what I saw when I got to school, but they dismissed it and said that it was just a hallucination. But, what kind of hallucination was that. Bright silver-white hair, skin as pale as dawn white, and eyes as sharp red as blood. That must have been Shiro! Everything I saw was Shiro.

But that's impossible. Shiro died.

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