A Change in the Story

What if Harry Potter actually died and Voldemort ruled the wizarding world? There would be no one to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


2. The Death


Deep in the Forbidden Forest, Lord Voldemort raised his wand towards the boy who lived. Harry Potter merely stood stationary, finally ready to embrace death after all this time. 

"Avada Kedavra!" The loud cry from Voldemort slashed through the silence around Harry and the Death Eaters as a blinding, sickly green light flew out from the end of the wand, heading straight for Harry

The triumphant red gleam in Voldemort's eye from behind his cloak was Harry's last sight before everything went a shining white.

"Narcissa, check the boy is dead," ordered Voldemort firmly yet the hint of apprehension beneath was obvious. 

She instantly hurried over obediently to where Harry Potter's body lay lifeless on the muddy ground of the Forbidden Forest. She clutched his wrist looking for a pulse but there wasn't even a flicker of movement from Harry's heartbeat.

"Draco... where is he? Is he alive?" She whispered so close to his ear so that, if the slight chance that Harry was alive, he would hear her words of plead fully and clear. Repeating one more time, all her hope vanished when there was no response or movement; Harry Potter was dead. She turned round to face the Dark Lord, unable to look him directly in the eye and said bluntly, "Dead."

A scream of delight came from, not Voldemort himself, but his loyal Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange who's face had turned into a sinister grin at the news. The captured, half giant, Hagrid also let out a scream but it was filled with only pain and grief. Voldemort stood there in the same position but his head was held high and his smirk menacing. 


Back at the newly ruined castle, Ginny Weasley was the first to spot the large crowd of Death Eaters and their leader, Voldemort rapidly nearing them. She called out for others to help, drawing her wand from her pocket ready to battle.

As Voldemort came within only several metres away from where Ginny stood confused, he looked around at his audience. There were more and more people now, filling the courtyard and standing around her. Voldemort seemed to wait until he had the largest audience possible.

"Harry Potter is dead!" He cried proudly. "I am your leader now and this is my world!

The silence of confusion at first was deafening until people began to realise what had just happened as the sight of Harry who lay still in Hagrid's shaking arms was presented before them. Sounds of sobbing followed after from the great loss. Hermione began to cry into Ron's shoulders and he stroked her bushy hair and a single tear rolled down his face. Ginny fell to the floor no longer able to hold herself up and hopelessly burst into a waterfall of tears, her wand now forgotten about. Their hero, their best friend, was dead. 

Voldemort broke the sadness with a voice of threat as he gave a speech. Draco, although frightened of his new evil life, rejoined with the Death Eaters and his parents. One after another, they apparated from the grounds of Hogwarts leaving opaque black fog as they left. Eventually, Hagrid stood facing the mourning fighters alone looking down at Harry. He carried him over to Professor McGonagall and, as he passed Ron and Hermione, they looked at their best friend one last time. McGonagall, although trying to stay strong, had the look of despair written across her face. She did not look at the body but only at Hagrid and her students around her. Between them, plans were made for Harry's immediate funeral which was to be held that same day.


The funeral began at 4 o'clock inside what remained of the Great Hall. Hundreds of people had come to pay their final respects to the chosen one. Many speeches were made, many memories were resurfaced and, towards the end, mention towards the others who had lost their lives during the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry was to be buried in Godric's Hollow beside his parent's graves.The glimmer of brightness spread through the hall during the final speech when Hermione acknowledged that Harry would finally be reunited with all his family at last in peace.

The ceremony ended shortly after Hermione's speech and slowly, people began to leave. After an hour or so, everyone had left besides Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna. They knelt side by side for what was probably the last time, silent in grief and staring at Harry Potter's coffin. 

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