The chosen path


1. Life

What is life ?

Life is just a bunch of choices we make.

Every step we take is a choice we make.

Some people choose to take a step forward, others choose to go back and some others choose to stop...

I believe that everyone is responsible for his own path and no one can excuse himself saying it wasn't his choice, because accepting and taking what other people told him to do never been the only choice... It was just the easier...

We can all refuse and fight for what we want ,despite the difficulties... the risks we can make our own path... our own destiny by our own hands.

However if you choosed to accept others' choices for you as a fact as if it was your destiny from all the beginning... from the first moment you were born, you can't blame anyone. Because you were the person who choosed to take that way and refused to fight for his life, because you were scared... because you had not enough courage to step into the unknown and take resposability for that...

Believe that life is what you choose... Path is what you make, and draw a new line of your story by your own.

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