The chosen path


2. Alex

"Alex! Honey come and meet your uncle Paul»

Alex was eight when he lost his father Robert. Since that his eyes turned to be empty, he started to be a weird kid that everyone was avoiding…

Just two month after Robert’s death, a stranger man knocked on the door; it was Alex’s first time seeing his mother Iris that happy after his father's death.

Even when Robert was alive Iris never been that pleased, never smiled or laughed that much.

 Iris shouted «Paul!!! » she was very glad seeing that man in front of her. They talked too much and laughed a lot, and then she called for her son Alex to meet the man.

Alex stood next to his mother he didn’t want to leave her side; he kept glaring at the stranger man until he said 

«Alex! Come and sit next to me, don't be afraid»

-" Alex! This is your father's brother Paul. You know, we were living in Ireland with him but after you were born we moved in here" Iris said

And then Paul added:" I was dying to see you again, I’ve always been dreaming about you. You really grew up healthy to be a man. Come and sit here next to your uncle.''

Quietly, Alex went and sat next to Paul.

Paul kept watching the kid and then he raised his eyes to keep gazing at Iris.

Alex noticed the way they were both smiling for each others, the way they were looking at each other, he felt like something was going on, that something was going to happen.

And then Iris said 

- Honey I decided that we move back to Ireland with Paul.

- You'll attend a good academy there and we will live all together, you'll be happy there, you'll meet new friends and your mother won't feel lonely anymore she'll stay with me...

Without saying a thing Alex left... He felt betrayed, he couldn't take how both of Iris and Paul were smiling, and he couldn't take seeing that his mother was happy because of someone else beside his father...

But he heard his mother saying:" Don't worry Paul, he'll accept anyway, he is just a kid he don't know anything, I'm the one who decide and take decisions here. "

Alex felt angry, he felt blood running into his veins fast and hot, he shouted " I'M NOT LEAVING FATHER'S HOUSE, THIS IS MY HOME !! " tears just started streaming down on his face :" How do you want me to leave home, this place where i have signs make me remember and feel father next to me ! ... "

Paul went to Alex and hugged him so tight and gently, he said «Robert is in your heart, he'll never leave it, his spirit will be always around us. He'll protect and stand by your side wherever you are, It’ doesn’t really matter if it is here or there... Don't you want to grow up where your father did? "

Alex wiped his tears and shook his face, moving to Ireland gave him a new hope to start a new page of his life where he'll find a new image of his beloved father to live for...

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