They met each other on a sidewalk in Chicago.

They lost each other on a sidewalk in Los Angeles.


2. 0.2

Maddie woke up around seven in the morning, rubbing her eyes with the palm of her hands. When she pulled her hands away from her eyes, she saw smudged ink on her hand.

"Shit" she mumbled, remembering what happened yesterday. She could still make out the numbers so she jumped out of bed, stopping when her head started to spin, and waited until the dizziness had passed. She pushed her light brown hair out of her eyes and made her way into the kitchen. After grabbing a pen and a piece of paper, she quickly scribbled his number down.

Once she was back in her room, she added Luke's name in her contacts and texted her boyfriend good morning. She walked into her bathroom and cringed at her horrid reflection.

After taking a quick shower, she stepped out and tried to multitask by brushing her hair and teeth at the same time, but only ended up with a brush stuck in her hair and toothpaste in her cleavage. She laughed at herself while applying her makeup and walked into her bedroom. She pulled out a blue sweatshirt and Nike sweatpants. She grabbed her phone, keys and her wallet and walked towards her dresser. She sat on her bed as she put her shoes on.

Her cat walked into the room and laid on her foot, Maddie giggling at the feeling. She stood up with her cat following her and walked towards the front door. After slipping on her running shoes, she locked her door behind her and walked down the sidewalk to the grocery store.

"Maddie?" She heard in the distance. She recognized that voice. She turned her head slightly and saw a smiling Luke waving at her, but next to him was a pale boy with red hair. Grinning, Maddie walked towards the pair and was surprised when Luke engulfed her into a hug. With blushing cheeks, she pulled back and her eyes flickered to the boy next to Luke.

"That's Michael" Luke said, and Maddie smiled.

"I'm Maddie" she said and held her hand out. His extremely small hand shook hers softly and they pulled away.

"Where you headed?" Luke asked Maddie, to which she simply pointed to the supermarket that was close by.

"Hey, so are we!" Luke grinned, wrapping his arms around Michael and Maddie's shoulders. They started walking and saw the store slowly enter their field of vision. Once they were in the store, Luke wandered into the snack aisle while Maddie went to the fruits and vegetable section. She was picking out various items when Luke walked up next to her.

"Is that all you're buying?" He smiled down at her when she dropped the head of lettuce on the ground.

"You scared me! And yeah, I didn't need much." Luke shrugged and laughed when he saw Michael walk toward them with a small pizza in a box. Maddie looked over and started laughing along with Luke.

"Let's go before he buys another." Luke giggled, fucking giggled, before grabbing Maddie's bag and walking to the front of the store. They each payed for their own things and headed home.

"Do you guys want to come to my place?" Maddie offered. Luke nodded happily and Michael followed along.

They walked to her front door and while Maddie was unlocking the door, Luke and Michael were looking around the area. When she stepped inside, she immediately walked into the kitchen with Luke and Michael trailing behind. While putting up her groceries, Michael was looking around her apartment.

"You're allowed to have pets?" He had just seen the sleeping cat on the sofa. Maddie was about to reply when he spoke again.

"When I was looking for apartments, I read online that this one doesn't allow pets." He glanced between Maddie and the cat, very confused.

"This was the only place I could afford and I love my cat, so I hid him in a box when I moved." She shrugged.

Michael snorted and sat down on the couch next to Luke, who was texting another friend.


The trio had stayed up all night watching movies they found in one of Maddie's moving boxes. Luke and Michael decided they should go because of how late it was. Maddie sleepily walked them to her front door.

"Goodnight guys." She said into a yawn.

"G'night, you criminal." Michael said with a grin, referring to her cat.

Luke only hugged her and whispered 'goodnight' to which she smiled sleepily to.

Once they walked down the sidewalk, Maddie instantly fell asleep on her bed. Her dreams were filled with strong accents, red hair and bright blue eyes.


so I'm rewriting this because I wrote it a long time ago and it's shit, but idk how long it'll take

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