They met each other on a sidewalk in Chicago.

They lost each other on a sidewalk in Los Angeles.


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The cold Chicago air caused goosebumps to trail along her skin, so she quickly rubbed her palms over them to keep warm. The sound of her converse tapping against the pavement was accompanied by the sound of fallen leaves crunching, and her flannel was blowing slightly in the wind. Fall was her favorite season because the town park was almost always empty, and she could think without children screaming in her ear.

She didn't like children very much.

On the other side of the sidewalk was a tall blonde boy with the same attire as her. He, unlike the girl, absolutely hated the fall. No matter what he wore he was always cold, and it was even worse now since he had a plastic grocery bag at his side, and inside of it was a cold milk carton pressed against his leg. He stepped in a puddle causing he already black converse to take on a much darker shade. He grumbled slightly but continued on. His brows were etched in a frown and his bright blue eyes were glued to the ground. The cold always brought his cheerful mood down.

Maddie was absorbed in her thoughts until her face hit a flannel covered chest whose left arm quickly reached out and grabbed her waist to steady her. His right arm was carrying a grocery bag. She felt her cheeks heat up, and as her dark green eyes met his blue ones, her face was probably the same color as her flannel.

"You okay?" The boy asked.

She smiled in an embarrassed way. "Yeah, I'm sorry." the unnamed boy chuckled lightly and removed his hand which was still on her waist.

"I'm Luke." The boy, whose name somehow really fit him, replied.

"I'm Maddie." She responded. She had gotten over herself and stood up straighter and backed up a bit.

"Well Maddie, I like your flannel" he smiled cheekily, showing off his dimples which nearly made Maddie swoon. She just smiled and nodded. There was a small awkward silence until he spoke.

"I have to go, but here's my number. You look like a cool girl." He took a pen out of his pocket and grabbed her hand, once again making her blush, and scribbled his number on the palm of her hand. He looked at her once more, smiled, and walked off down the sidewalk.


hi so this is my first fanfic and idk if I like it but :/

next chapter should be longer, stay tuned :)


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