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The morning light was trying hard to breach through my eyelids which had brought me to realization that the sun had started rising. I tried to open my eyes but all my efforts ended up in vain. I tried to move every other body part but they just wouldn’t, even my mouth. I could feel my back which was curved and I couldn’t straighten it. My body was constantly bouncing from an irregular surface. I heard hoof beats which indicated I was on a horse. My ears had become more sensitive and I could hear hoof beats of another horse ahead. I quickly understood that during the night I had been drugged and abducted. But why?

My mind threw back at me possible answers. Maybe it was just a bunch of forest dwellers that captured me. What if someone had found out about my confidential task? I racked my brain for ways of escaping this situation, especially the second one. But within me I clearly knew that in this state I couldn’t do anything even if I had the best escape plans. Instead I relaxed and concentrated on all the sounds I could hear with hope that I would figure more about the situation.

All I could hear was birds chirping and hoof beats from only two different horses. That meant that I was only kidnapped by one person and I was being taken on my own horse. I focused more on the hoof beats and noticed that there was a low crunch sound every time hit the ground. This indicated that it was trampling on dry leaves leading to only one answer; I was still in the forest. I could tell the time of the day from the intensity of light behind my eyelids. Currently the light intensity was very high that all I could see was a reddish orange color because of light trying to pass through my eyelids. I could sense that it was now a time in the afternoon. I continued listening to the sounds in my state of ‘paralysis’. Decades passed until I noticed a change.

The horse was now trotting instead of the usual gallop. Its movements had become more irregular and I was bouncing more often. The light was now constant meaning that I was under open sky. The immediate scenario that struck me was that I was traveling the Rocky Mountains. The mountainous journey stretched for long hours. I sensed that the sun was setting because the light intensity had reduced and the air was getting much colder. Quite some time passed before another change occurred.

The horses had now started galloping on a much straighter path. The sound of leaves crunched had returned with every hoof stamping on the ground. The night animals such as owls had begun hooting and frogs croaking. The light intensity had completely dropped hence I could no longer predict the time. The night accompanied itself with silence that made all other sound more clear and distinguishable. The air was getting colder and chilly by the moment. I knew that I was currently in the Cronasian jungle because that was the only landscape past the Rocky Mountains. A lot had changed throughout the day but my body state remained the same. My back and neck were surging with pain and it grew with frustration because of my ‘paralyzed’ body state.

Later, a few more horsemen joined my kidnapper. They continued moving as they had a low toned conversation among themselves. My kidnapper, surprisingly a lady, told them how and when she captured me although she didn’t mention the drugs she used. She asked them if they found any but they all replied with a no. They all rode in silence until all the horses came to a stop. I heard them get off because they trampled many dry leaves under their feet. A man came to me, held me by my arms and pulled me off the horse. My legs hit the ground very hard but it didn’t matter to him and continued dragging me. I heard a metal door creak open. I knew I was being dragged downstairs because I felt my leg falling every time the man took a step. With a loud grunt he threw me. I hit the wall and stayed motionless. I was freezing in there as I realized that I was not the only one. I could hear breathing from many different men. I tried focusing on the sounds, and then all of a sudden the metal door slammed shut.

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