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My eyes were skimming through the addresses on the mails I received this morning. I was searching for a particular one that had me impatiently waiting for weeks. I didn’t know what that mail contained but I knew that it was very important I could sense that it had come today. Swiping through different letters, I finally got my hands on it. I was so excited that i forgot a certain sadness it brought. I opened the envelope to see what it unveiled.

Dear Mark,

We have located the last orb of the Dead. It is heavily guarded by trained soldiers in the Cronasian jungle. You’ll carry your usual weapons excluding your sword and battle axe. The mission has to be carried out in utmost stealth. I hope you understand the seriousness of this mission.

Good Luck,


I put down the letter and started packing up. I equipped myself with my usual bow and quiver slung over the cloak I had worn. The cloak had an irregular green and brown pattern to help me camouflage in the jungle. I also carried along a backpack that carried around 35 extra arrows, 15 darts and also a supply of dried food. After dressing up I walked out of my room, down the stairs and made my way to the drawing room.

My wife quickly got up from her knitting and closed in to me. She had known for days that such a situation would come and so she made no efforts to stop me. Instead she gave me tightly embraced me and we both exchanged moments of love. I doubted that I would get that from her again but I still let go. Without a word I slowly walked to the main door.

“Bye...” her sweet voice called out to me. I turned around and replied with a comforting smile and walked out of the house.

It was early in the morning and the sun was shining with an orange tint. My horse, Scyth was peacefully biting off grass from the garden. He was a black, tall and muscular stallion. I had saddled him since days now and even equipped with all my camping gear. I walked up to him and untied him from the tree nearby. I mounted on him, pulled his bridle and he was trotting in no time.

I was riding west and it me a greater part of the morning to get out of the kingdom. The rest of the day was spent riding through the massive canyon. I had a few stops to rest and eat dried food from my backpack. I also fed my horse to restore his stamina. I reached the Fourteen Forts Kingdom by evening where I made a stop for the night at Chalet inn.

I had a heavy breakfast in the morning and also replenished my dried food supplies for the journey ahead. I still had two more days of traveling to do and the next leg was through the Akron forest. I left the kingdom headed east following the Calabi river. I had to follow it through the forest then head west again through the Rocky Mountains. The forest was crawling with very many animals. I had already a few such as antelopes, hares, wolves, bears and even the river was loaded with trout. As my routine I made a few stops but instead of hard, dry and cold meat, I enjoyed fresh roasted fish. I created small campfires every time I stopped. I hadn’t made it out of the forest so it was decided. I moved a little further into the forest, tied my horse to the tree and setup my one man tent. I couldn’t risk a fire because it would give out my location. So I had dried food and went to sleep. Even at night the forest was so active with hoots and howls. It took effort but I finally managed to sleep.

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