Sweet Kiss

A little fan fiction about Justin, Jaden Smith and (Y/N)


1. sweet kiss

"Can I get a picture of you both?" asked Jaden.

He looked at Justin and me.

"Weeeeell, okay then" laughs Justin.

"(Y/N), you can kiss Justin on the cheek" says Jaden. He then laughs a little bit.

I looked at Justin. His eyes are lighting up.

I would be more than happy too kiss Justin on the cheek.

We get closer to each other. But in the moment I where going to kiss Justin on the cheek, he turns around his head, and our lips meet.

His lips are so soft. It turns out to be more than just a kiss. I grab around his neck. I mess his hair up. I can feel that he is smiling.

We pull away from each other. I blush and look into the ground. Justin grabs under my chin, and lift my head up. I stare directly into his brown eyes. He smiles at me.

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