Asylum (l.h)


2. the first attempt

*lowercase intended*

she stared at the blade in her small, fragile hand, debating which wrist she should slice first. she decided the right because it was the one that had more recent scars; the left had faded ones that were a disappointment to her. she took a deep breath and pressed the small bit of metal that had been ruling her life against her wrist. as she swiped the blade against her already scarred wrist. she gasped at the pain she had become so accustomed to and quickly sliced the other wrist, trying as hard as her shaking hand could to press the blade against the vein. she dropped the blade into the sink and sunk to the floor leaning against the grimy claw foot tub and let out a sigh.

"it's about goddamn time."

her mother found her when she returned home. the door wasn't even locked. she took her daughter's nearly lifeless corpse into her arms and sobbed to herself. she shakily retrieved her phone from her pocket and rushed to call 911. when they got there she still had a pulse but barely.

"oh my baby. why?" her mother cried.

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