Asylum (l.h)


3. mother dear

she spent three weeks in Saint William's Children and Teen's Institution. it was hell. therapy sessions, the small children asking how she got those scars, the older kids telling her that she wasn't alone and that most of them had tried too (although they looked at her scars with such disgust it was that of gordon ramsay's). she sighed at the thought of staying here any longer. she knew exactly what would happen after three weeks: she would stay home for one week and then be transferred to North Cameron Mental Institution. she hoped it would somehow turn out like american horror story, and she would find her evan peters.

she thought about the last week she would spend at home, and how she would most likely be spending it alone. after she found her daughter's body on the bathroom floor, she boarded a plane to chicago and changed her number.

"I'll get you back, mom."

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