Thirst for blood

Our story
Me and my brother Jack, isent how People in theese years are. We dont really have a family. We have a clan. South to Nebraska you might see us, but if you do, we are also the last Thing you wil see. Our history goes Way back, who know. Nobody. Cause no body have Seen us, if the have, it is with Them in the grave now. It sounds cruel. But that is just how we are. We cant change it. And if we could, we wouldent. Why ? You dont know. Oh and my name ? Im Alex. Alex Rose


2. Vintage

"You go behind, i wil distract him" I said to Jack. The man´s car stopped. Perfect chance to hit him down. In theese woods, you wont could hear the screams. We are in the middle of Neverland. The man get out of his car, to check what happend. Im moving slowly up to hes car, without he notice a thing. "You need some help? I ask the man. He looks scared, wich he should be. "Uhm. Yeah my car. I dont know what happend" The man says. "Curs. Is it vintage? It looks like my old car i had in the 60´" I said. The man dident say anything, he just stared at me, like he dont belive im a living person. "Lost your words? I ask. Im giving a signal to Jack, so he knows. Jack jump down from a three, and go in front of me. "Isent that your old car sis? Jack ask me. "It looks like it right? i answer. "You just take him, i eat yesterday" I tell Jack. Jack nods and go up to the man. The man starts walking backwords. "What are you doing! The man shouts. "Dont worry, i wil be gentle" Jack tells him. By that said, Jack did what he had to do. Jack walks back to me. "Why arent there any young people out here, that old blood isent good" He says, while we walk back. "Why would any go out here Jack. This is called Neverland of a reason" I tell him. He just nod. 

We gets back to our the rest of our house. No road can lead you to it. But we can. 

Our Clan. Every town in our state, has a clan. The sourth, north, west, east. We are the West clan. Our clan is, My uncle, Aunt, Cousin, my Cousin´s wife, and his child Rosie. Plus Mack, Nathan, and Sofie, they are our friends, but we took them in our clan. 

Mack and Nathan are outside. Rosie comes running out to us. Jack opens hes arms to a hug. Rosie runs into hes arms. Rosie is our little sunshine. She also haves powers, as me and Jack. I have air. Jack has, fire. Rosie are psychic. She sees things before they even happen. She also know how they end. But.. She can also change it. 

"Ah. You are home Alex." Uncle Carl says, going out of the house. "And Jack" Jack says coming up behind. "I know i know. Alex can i see you? Uncle Carl ask me. "Shoot" I answer. "Inside please" He points.

Hes office is filed with books and medical stuff. Too adult. " Your power is getting alot stronger. Alot" He notice. "Stronger? I ask. "You are not just eating once ore twice. You eat alot more now" He says. "Yeah so? I ask. "You have to be carefull. If the Sourthern wolf clan, starts seeing it, they can get aggresive" The Southern Wolf clan. They are also in theese woods as us, just up on the hill. Vampire and wolfes, is not that diffrent. Only, when it comes to protection. We are all friends with the clan. Just not the animals they can become. Not always. Its not every time they can control like. Like we can. "Jack is also growing" I point out. "Yeah but that is totally diffrent. Your mom gav you a special gift. And your father gave Jack a diffrent gift. Your mom was alot stronger, thats why you are way stronger" He says back. "When you say stronger. How strong do you mean? I ask and sit down, in one of hes chairs. "Strong" he says in a deep voice. I just nod and goes out of the room. "Be carefull" He says wail im leaving. 

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