The badboy lives next door

Savannah is an 18 year old English girl who moves to California with her brother and mum. Being a good girl she stays away from trouble, but what happened when trouble makes its way to her? Nathan is an 18 year old Typical bad boy, with his three best friends, he gets into all sorts of mischief but when a new girl moves in next to him, will he go over to the good side, or will he drag her over to the bad side??


9. chapter 9

Savannah's school outfit  and party outfit ^

the week flew by and Friday finally came around. Nathan had stopped giving us lifts to school, in fact he had kind of been avoiding me since we talked on the balcony so instead Jake, Finns friend has been picking us up. as soon as we pulled up and i was out of the car i was greeted by Lily and Hayleigh. we had gotten really close over the last week though not so much with Oscar and Ava as they were the quiet ones of the group (that backed out of the party as soon as they could)

"Savannah!!" Lily screamed at me "Guess what day it is!!!" i put my hand on my chin and pretended to think.

"hmm is it...... Christmas?" i smiled innocently at her making her hit my shoulder. "ow that hurt" i rubbed my shoulder- that was gonna bruise. "okay okay, its....... PARTY TIME!!!" and high fived her.

"damn right it is!" Hayleigh side hugged me "and after school we are all going shopping for outfits cause i mean you look hot, but that" gesturing to my outfit "is not party worthy." 

i looked down at my outfit, i was wearing dark blue jeans, a black cropped top, a dark blue denim jacket and black ankle boots with my hair flowing freely down my back. 

"I'm in, but if we don't get to class instead of shopping after school we will be sat in detention watching Mr Holman drool in his sleep" we all laughed and then made our way to first period- English.

"and this line shows that the author used hyperbole to........" Mr Fell rambled on. 

"ow" i muttered under my breath as a ball of scrunched up paper came in contact with the back of my head. i turned around to see Nathan and Cody snickering. "do you mind" i whisper yelled at them. 

"oh I'm sorry..." Cody smirked at me "it was meant to go in the trashcan"

"i think you need to work on your aim" i glared at him and turned back around earning more snickers. god they were annoying. hot.. but annoying!


the school bell finally confirmed the end of the day and i sprung up out of my seat and went to meet Lily and Hayleigh at the gates to go shopping. shoving my books in my bag as i ran out the doorway i collided with a rock hard body. 

"whoa.. someones in a rush" a voice said from above me. i looked up to see that the voice matched with Matt. 

"yeah.. as a matter of fact i am" i smiled at him

"you still coming to the party tonight?" he asked

"yup" i popped the p "do you mind if Finn comes too?" 

"of course not, he was invited anyway- he is one of my best friends after all"  i just rolled my eyes

"typical- players friends with players" i leaned in to whisper in his ear "don't think i haven't heard about your reputation with girls, so don't try anything" and with that i walked off to find Lily and Hayleigh.


"how much longer" i cried exasperated, we had been shopping for two hours which might not seem like a long time but when Lily decided to try on every single thing she sees and doesn't buy a single thing it starts to get tiring. me and hayleigh were currently stood outside the dressing room while lily was trying on a dress. we had bought our things ages ago.

"i have found it!" Lily claimed coming out the dressing room.

"Finally!" me and Hayleigh exclaimed at the same time following Lily as she made her way to the till counter.

i pulled out my phone and texted Fin to pick us up from the mall. half an hour later we were in my bedroom listening to shake it off and getting ready for the party, Matt was picking us up in an hour, so we were currently doing our make up. i was doing Hayleigh's makeup who had already done Lily's who had already done mine. 

"all finished! i said proudly turning Hayleigh around to look in the mirror. i had gone for a smokey eyes and foundation with some false lashes that made her eyes stand out to go with her outfit of a blue floral skirt, cropped black cami, and white cropped kimono.

Lily had a pink smokey eye, mascara and pink blusher to go with her peach dress with cut outs at the waist and baby pink heels. She had given me natural makeup with a nude lipstick and contoured cheekbones to go with my white v neck dress, denim jacket and beige heels.

an hour later we were completely ready to go so i decided to check on Fin. i knocked on his door

"Fin, are you ready to go?" i called through the door to have it swing open and reveal Fin standing there in black skinny jeans, a white v neck top and his black leather jacket.

"yup" he popped the p i just rolled my eyes and nodded at him and headed back to my room before recieving a text from Matt saying he was outside.

"come on girls!" i called them "we have a party to get too!!"



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