The badboy lives next door

Savannah is an 18 year old English girl who moves to California with her brother and mum. Being a good girl she stays away from trouble, but what happened when trouble makes its way to her? Nathan is an 18 year old Typical bad boy, with his three best friends, he gets into all sorts of mischief but when a new girl moves in next to him, will he go over to the good side, or will he drag her over to the bad side??


7. chapter 7

Hayleigh and Dylan above ^

maths class went by slowly. me and Lily really hit it off talking about anything. she head family in England so was interested about my old home. the bell rang to signal the end of the lesson, i got up to leave but a hand grabbed my wrist, i turned around to see Lily smiling at me

"after your lesson, you should come find me and my friends in the hall, I'm guessing you don't have any one to sit  with yet, being your first day and all!" i smiled back at her, so happy to have already found a friend.

"sure, ill see you soon!" and i left to find my next lesson- English. it had always been my favorite so i was looking forward to it. i found the classroom that luckily no one else had arrived in yet and made my way up to the teacher. he was young and fairly cute.

"hi, I'm Savannah, the new student" 

"hi Savannah its nice to meet you, I'm Mr fell" he shook my hand and then looked around the classroom. "no one else is here yet so it seems you have first choice in seats but if i were you i wouldn't go too near the back, that's where Nathan carter and is friends sit- the wrong crowd to mix with" i smiled gratefully at him even though i already knew who they were, before choosing a seat in the middle of the room.

the first bell rang and students piled in. the seat next to me was taken by a girl with straight brown hair who honestly looked like she could be a model.

" hey I'm hayleigh!" she held out her hand and i gratefully took it. "I'm guessing you're new here?" i nodded

"I'm Savannah! so... whats the 411 on this place? queen bitches? players?" she chuckled.

"well... that barbie doll over there" she pointed to a girl at the front with bleach blonde hair and eyelashes as thick as a brick wall. "is Natalie pierce, the queen bee of tilburn high, and those are her minions, ChloeSadie and Cara, they follow her everywhere like lost puppies" i laughed at that 

"the main players are Matt Benson and Jake Blackburn, and seen as your the hot fresh meat, I'm guessing they have their eyes on you" my eyes widened an she chuckled "but don't worry, they will have to go through me first" she made claws with her hands making us both burst out laughing. 

"right now class, quiet down" Mr fell called and the lesson began. half way through Nathan and his possy strided in, Nathan winking at me on the way to his seat. i just rolled my eyes at him and carried on with my work until Hayleigh shook my arm.

"what was that?" she asked accusingly looking between me and Nathan

"what was what?" 

"you know, the whole Nathan carter winking at you thing?" 

"nothing" i shrugged "hes just my neighbor"

"your neighbor??" she shrieked earning us a couple of glares from the row in front of us. i just nodded

"no fricking way, Nathan carter FYI the bad boy is your neighbor. not only is he a sex god but he is the type of person that never talks to anyone apart from his 'gang'"

"its not a big deal, were just friends" and she threw her hands up on defeat

"okay, fine we will see what happens" the rest of the lesson went by quickly, occasionally talking to hayleigh and almost always feeling Nathans heated stare on the back of my neck. 

the bell rang and me and hayleigh went into the dinner hall.

"lily!" she called "can Savannah sit with us" she dragged me towards a table where lily and a couple of other people were sat.lily looked up and smiled at me

"of course she can i already told her that!" i smiled at her and sat down. most of lunch we spent talking about boys and other high school gossip that i needed an update on. also on the table were Ava and Oscar, they officially invited me to be friends with them all and i gratefully accepted. near the end of lunch a guy who had been pointed out as the infamous Matt Benson came up to our table.

"Savannah winters, i have heard about you, the sexy English girl with a thing for bad boys." 

"i do not have a thing for bad boys" i defended myself making him chuckle and put his hands up in surrender

"okay okay, just what i have heard. anyway, me and my friends are having a party on Friday, you and your friends should come, it'll be fun." 

"sure, we will be there" i smiled at him. he handed me a piece of paper 

"my number, so i can pick you up!" and he walked away, i guessing to tell his friends what just happened at they were watching the whole thing. i turned back to the others

"you wanna go?" i asked them, Oscar and Ava just nodded while lily and hayleigh just screamed at me

"of course we want to go, its the biggest party of the year!!" lily hugged me tightly

"lily. cant. breathe!" i squeaked out and she let go 

"sorry!" and the bell rang making us all scurry off too our lessons. the day was going well and i couldn't wait for Friday!

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