The badboy lives next door

Savannah is an 18 year old English girl who moves to California with her brother and mum. Being a good girl she stays away from trouble, but what happened when trouble makes its way to her? Nathan is an 18 year old Typical bad boy, with his three best friends, he gets into all sorts of mischief but when a new girl moves in next to him, will he go over to the good side, or will he drag her over to the bad side??


5. chapter 5

pictures of Luke then Cody then Dylan and Savannah's outfit.

bang bang into the room

i know you want it 

bang bang all over you

ill let you have it......

eurgh that stupid alarm! i stretched my hand out to my bedside table and turned of the alarm on my phone. 6.15 the clock read. it was way too early in the morning to get ready for school. SCHOOL! i dragged myself from under the covers and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. after i had washed myself i wrapped a small towel around my body and went into the closet to pick out an outfit for the day. i decided on black body con skirt, a deep red cami with lace at the bottom and a leather jacket. 

after applying some makeup i grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. 

"hey sweetie" my mum smiled at me from the dining table. she had pretty much finished unpacking the house and it looked pretty good. i smiled back at her and headed over to join her at the table

"when do you start work?" i asked her grabbing a banana from the fruit basket to make a smoothie. 

"tomorrow" she replied looking back down to read the newspaper. my brother came down the stairs tapping away on his phone.

"make me one s!" he demanded referring to the smoothie i was making. i just nodded at him internally rolling my eyes. he was so lazy sometimes. after making the smoothie and having a bowl of cereal while talking to my mum we heard a beep outside.

"guessing Nathans here" i muttered to myself and headed to the door with Nathan not far behind me.

"have a good first day!" my mum called from behind us. Nathan was sat in a black shiny jeep smirking at us from behind the steering wheel.

"morning" i mumbled getting in the back.

"well someones cheery this morning" he rolled his eyes at me sarcastically earning him a glare. he just flipped me off and turned his attention to Nathan who had cheerily go into the passenger seat and was playing with all the car buttons. 

"do you mind?" he asked but Finley just ignored him

"sweet ride dude!" he exclaimed making Nathan beam proudly

" i know" and he started driving. 

"i think i'm gonna be sick" i stumbled out of the car when we got to school. Nathan had done his best to speed round very single corner making us rock to and forth in the backseat. Nathan got out of the drivers side door

"i would rather you step away from my car if you are going to do that" he looked at me disgustingly i just gave him the finger and examined my surroundings. it was a reasonable big building, the front of it swarming with groups of girls wearing the shortest skirts you could find with their boobs being pushed up so far i swear that they would touch their chin if they looked down, surrounded by drooling guys and the occasional stereotypical high school 'nerd'. but i noticed one thing above all, they were all staring at us.

"Nathan!" a voice broke my chain of thoughts. i looked up to see a fairly good looking guy with messy brown hair come towards us. he was followed by two more good looking boys, one with slightly lighter and curlier hair than the others

"Luke!" Nathan walked towards them. "whats up man! " then he turned to the other two " Cody, Dylan!" they greeted each other with the weird handshake hug thing that men do and then they turned their attention to me and fin. 

"boys, i would like you to meet my neighbors, Savannah and Finley" i smiled at them and Finley did that boy nod that they also do before wandering of to find his friend Jake. 

"lovely to meet you Savannah!" Luke took my hand and kissed it gently making me blush before intertwining his fingers with mine and pulling me towards the school entrance. i looked back to see Cody and Dylan chuckling but Nathan with a clenched jaw, glaring at Luke. what was his problem?

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