The badboy lives next door

Savannah is an 18 year old English girl who moves to California with her brother and mum. Being a good girl she stays away from trouble, but what happened when trouble makes its way to her? Nathan is an 18 year old Typical bad boy, with his three best friends, he gets into all sorts of mischief but when a new girl moves in next to him, will he go over to the good side, or will he drag her over to the bad side??


12. chapter 12

Nathan's p.o.v

I'm gonna kill her. I  pounded my fists on the door

" Savannah open the door!"

"Open it yourself dumbass " a mocking voice came from behind the voice. I mentally cursed myself- of course she hasn't locked the door, there isn't a lock! I twisted the door handle and barged in to see her lying on her back on the bed with her head hanging over the side, grinning at me!

"You!" I stepped towards her pointing a finger! Her eyes widened and I bit lip to stop myself smiling at how cute this girl was. I launched myself at her landing on top of her on the bed.  She shrieked!

"Nathan get off me!" She screamed in my ear making me chuckle.

I looked down at her, her blonde hair sprawled over her face and the bed and her gorgeous eyes staring back up at me. I smiled mischievously at her

"So Savannah, are you ticklish?" Her eyes widened even more and she shook her head so fast I though she was going to get whip lash.

"N-no" she stuttered making me chuckle

"Oh really?"  I smirked before stacking her stomach with my fingers making her squeal, she was laughing so hard I couldn't help but laugh with her- or more like at her.

"N-Nathan s-stop I ca-any breathe" she stuttered through laughter. I stopped and stared down at her

"Are you going to apologise?" I asked her

"Nope!" She popped the p and smiles innocently at me. I smiled evilly at her again.

"Oh really?" I raised my hands as if ready to tickle her again

"OKAY OKAY!" I put my hands back down and smirked at her making her roll her eyes "I apologise Nathan......" She trailed off "On behalf of the door that made the mistake of getting in the way of a jerk like you" she added quickly before rolling out from under neath me and hiding behind a pillow. I glared at her, stifling a laugh as her large eyes peeled out from behind her cushion.

I turned by glare into a smile and scooted towards her. She raised her eyebrows at me suspiciously and tried scooted away but before she could I swung my hand round her shoulder and pulled her in tightly so she couldn't move

"Wanna watch a movie?" I asked innocently. She looked up cautiously before slowly nodding  and getting up to grab her laptop. I made my self comfortable on the bed and then patted the spot next to me as she made her way over. She just rolled her eyes and slouched down next to me opening up Netflix on her laptop.

"What do you want to watch?" She asked me with a bored town scrolling through the movies. I turned the laptop towards me "hey...." She started to complain but I just held up my when shushing her making her groan.

I saw the perfect movie and looked up at her evilly turning the laptop around to face her.

"Annabelle!!!!" She shrieked at me! I just wiggled my eyebrows at her " I hate horror movies!" I just shrugged and pressed play.

The whole movie she was digging her face Into my shirt flinching every time someone screamed on the screen making me chuckle. As the credits rolled down the screen she looked up at me glaring

"I hate you"

"Should have given me a proper apology!" I stated and she just groaned! "And......" I added "you know you love me really!" I winked at her before getting up off the bed and walking out to find my mum smiling to myself.

I was falling for her... Hard and I couldn't stop my self!

What do you think of Nathan's p.o.v? Did it work?

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