The badboy lives next door

Savannah is an 18 year old English girl who moves to California with her brother and mum. Being a good girl she stays away from trouble, but what happened when trouble makes its way to her? Nathan is an 18 year old Typical bad boy, with his three best friends, he gets into all sorts of mischief but when a new girl moves in next to him, will he go over to the good side, or will he drag her over to the bad side??


11. chapter 11

what Savannah was wearing ^

Saturday was spent sleeping, eating and occasionally finding time to do a little homework. Nathan had been texting me all weekend but i just ignored them. he had no right to interrupt the party and ruin the night, or to call Matt a jerk. It was 2.45 pm on Sunday and i had spent the morning lying in bed texting Hayleigh and Lily who had woke up with terrible hang overs on Saturday morning and no memory of what happened with Matt and Nathan- and i was planning it on keeping it that way.

"sweetie!" my mum knocked on my bedroom door before inviting herself in and perching on the end of my bed. "Finley's gone to Jake's meaning that we have extra food so i have invited round Sandra and Nathan for dinner"

i shot up off my bed to stand in front of her

"WHY? i almost screamed at her

"because i have been getting closer with Sandra and i think you and Nathan should do the same!" i collapsed on the bed, falling onto my back 

"but Nathans a jerk!" i muttered, unfortunately she heard and stood up angrily turning to face me

"Savannah, i will be having none of that today, so get up, have a shower and get dressed. they are coming at four and you better have a better attitude when they arrive" and she stormed out slamming the door behind her.

i groaned and dig my face into the pillow. i eventually decided to get up and wandered into the bathroom to take a long needed shower. i stripped off my clothes and stepped under the warm water, relaxing as it hit my skin. after washing my hair with jasmine scented shampoo and conditioner and washed my body using my water lily scented body wash i stepped out wrapping my body in a white cotton towel.

i walked out of the bathroom and to the closet humming Justin Bieber 'sorry'. i picked out a white over sized jumper and blue ripped jeans and layed them out on my bed before walking over to my dressing table. i dried my hair and then threw it into a messy bun- who was i trying to impress? Nathan? I don't think so. still, i put on some foundation and mascara to cover up my blemishes and spots. i glanced at my clock and saw that it was already quarter to four. 

sighing i changed into my clothes and jogged downstairs to find my mum laying the table. 

"smells good!" i smiled at her, inhaling a whiff of the beef lasagna that was cooking in the oven. she looked up from the table

"thanks hun! they will be here any minute!" i groaned remembering why i got out of bed, the doorbell rang. me mum shot a glance before walking to the door "be nice Savannah" she called behind her. i just rolled my eyes and slumped down at the table.

a couple of minutes later my mum walked in followed by Sandra.

"Hi Savannah" she smiled warmly at me

"Hi Sandra! Its nice to see you again!" i smiled at her warmly while she sat next to me and then turned to glare at Nathan who sat on the seat opposite me.

"I've missed you too Savannah!" he smirked at me to which i just rolled my eyes and turned to see mum coming into the dining room with a tray of Lasagna. 

"and dinner is served!" she declared proudly putting it on a Matt in the center of the table."dig in!"


my mum and Sandra were having a conversation next to me and Nathan who were sat in and Awkward silence, or i was sat in awkward silence while Nathan was flicking peas in my direction 

"Savannah....... Savannah........ Savannah!" and another pea flew at me, hitting me in the middle of my forehead

"WHAT!" i spat at him trying not to catch our mums attention. unfortunately they did

"Savannah!" my mum turned to me "what did i tell you about being nice?" she glared at me but Sandra Intervened

"actually Carol, i think that since they have both finished" she looked evilly between me and Nathan " i think you should let them talk it out, go ahead you two go upstairs to Savannah's room and argue until you have sorted whatever it is out that has got your pants in a knot. "

"Mum..." Nathan started to object but Sandra gave him the evils and pointed towards the stairs. we both groaned and i started walking up the stairs with Nathan trailing up behind me. as we got to the landing i smiled evilly at him before running into my bedroom and as soon as he was about to come in i slammed the door, making it collide with his face.

"shit" he cursed loudly before banging his fists on the other side of the door "Savannah that f**king hurt" he screamed at me

"well then" i smiled even though he couldn't see me "sucks to be you!"


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