Dr. Styles x hes

"Now Baby, It's time for a full body check up"


4. 2


He chuckles and gets up. I blush, knowing he heard me.

"My name is Dr.Styles" He says.


I look at him, then I shake out of my trance. I smile, and I cross my arms behind my back.

"Good Afternoon, My Name is Riley Brooks" I reply.

"Well, Miss. Brooks" He says walking towards the mini bed he pats it indicating me to sit there.

I walk over towards it and I jump up to sit on it, "What are you here for?" 

He put hand sanitizer on his hands then covers them up with blue gloves.

"I'm just here for my check up... I think" I bite my lip. He picks up his clipboard and looks through it. 

"You are right." He says, "Now, I'm sorry for making you sit down, but I have to get you height and weight."


I nod, hopping back off the mini bed. 


"Follow Me" He says, and I follow. He takes us out to the hall where the scale is, "Take off you shoes and go step on this."


I listen and I step on the scale, I watch his fingers move around the top of the thing, He hums then rights down my weight, "110 pounds"


I nod with him, and he grabs some measuring tape. "Now Stand Still" I stop moving, and I place my arms on the side of my body. 


He stretches the tape until it's on the top of my head I look up a little to see. 


"5.4" He hums again. "Shorty" He grumbles.


"Excuse Me?" I say, my head snapping up, And me being me tripped and fell on Dr.Styles


My head falls in the crook of his neck, and I subconsciously breath in his scent.


I groan silently, and I bite his neck... hard.


He yelps and pushes me back, My eyes widen and I look at him.


"I-I'm so sorry!" I almost yell.


He rubs his neck, and chuckles.


"It's fine babygirl" He grumbles. He them turns and walks back towards his office, I follow him like a lost puppy. 


What the fuck is wrong with me?! He probably thinks I'm a vampire! Which I'm not by the way. Why am I talking to myself? I'm crazy. 


I hop back on the mini bed and he faces towards me. My eyes drop towards his neck where a purple mark appers. 


A Hickey.


I gave my Docter that I don't even know the first name of, a fucking hickey. Kill me now.






I know that I haven't been updating sooooo much. I apologize. Wattpad has kidnapped me with their stories. OH! Follow me! I always follow back. 


My Name is 'nappyharry'


I have a story on there that's not on here, so read it!


Okay, Bye.




Okay, Bye Again.

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