Dr. Styles x hes

"Now Baby, It's time for a full body check up"


3. 1


"Bye Dad" I say stepping out of the car closing the door behind me. 


"Bye Hun" He replies, "Call me to pick you up, or just walk to the back." 


I nod, waving at him, walking to the clinics doors.


I open then, being hit with the horrid smell of hand sanitizer and cleaning products.

I grimace and I walk to the front desk. 

"Hi, my name is Riley, erm, Riley Brooks. I'm here to see Dr. Tate?" I say, standing on my tippy-toes to look at the receptionist.  


She nods typing in my name, her freshly manicured nails clicking on the keys.

"Ohh," She says, glancing at me, "I'm sorry but, she's not in, she's on a vacation right now. Your here for a full body check up right?"

I nod, biting the corner of my lip.


"We have one Doctor that is free on his break."



"You can go to him, or you can wait for a month, for your regular doctor to come" She says.


"Um, No" I say, "I-I'll just do the Doctor that's available today" 


She nods, "Okay I think he's ready for you now. Last door to the right" She gives me a fake smile, and I turn walking to the door. 


I knock three times, and when I hear a 'come in' I open the door, stepping in. The room smells totally different, I smell a men cologne, and I instantly relax.


I step in fully, closing the door behind me.  


"Well, Hello" I hear. My head snaps up, and I almost lose my balance.


"Holy Shit"


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