The girl who wore leather

In the village of Confrontare children the age of six get to pick a dragon egg as their companion for life.


2. The forest

     I  start walking towards the woods when I hear someone yelling behind me. 

"Hey! Wait up, we need to talk!" Yelled  from what seemed to be a mans voice. 

I  start walking  faster I can't let anyone find me. "Go away!" I  yell just loud enough. I could tell  that whoever was following me was not going to stop so I turned around, almost at the forest.  "What do you want?" A boy with dark red hair looks at me with annoyance, I guess not all red heads have freckles!

" I saw you at the Market yesterday."  The little boy says with curiosity.

" Yea, and?" What does this boy want?

"Why were you there?"  The little boy asked.

"I was getting food, have a problem with that?" Why else would I go to the market? 

" your not from here are you?" This boy was too curious!

"What makes you say that?" I just want to leave.

" I know everyone here except for you, that means you are not from here"  this boy was smart! 
"I'm not from here so what?"  What if he knows me! That can't be good!

"I was just wondering, were are you from?" I could see the curiosity form in his eyes.

"I'm from a place!" My mother use to say that sarcasm was rude, but I don't live with my mother anymore.

"I have to go, whatever you do don't go into the forest!"  What was he so worried about?

"Whatever!" I turn around and head for the forest, how curious that boy was! Reminds me of  my old friend Ash Dead Thorne. When I enter the forest my dragon crawls out of my jacket pocket and jumps to the ground. Spyte  has been my dragon since I was six years old, I don't know what kind of  dragon he is. I don't think Spyte is a normal dragon, unlike most dragons when he was an egg he caught fire multiple times. I wonder if other dragons can change there size? I climb on Spyte and  we start flying through the air, when I look to the ground I can see an ocean of colorful leaves, fall is coming. Soon we land in  the middle of the forest were a big oak tree sits,our home. 




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