The girl who wore leather

In the village of Confrontare children the age of six get to pick a dragon egg as their companion for life.


1. Embers

In the land of  Terra Fortis sat the small village of Confrontare. In the village of Confrontare children the age of six go to the nursery to pick a dragon egg. The kids of the village entered the giant oak tree filled with an array of different colors and patterns. In the far corner a pile of leaves quickly caught fire! Children everywhere in the room grabbed as many eggs as possible and evacuated. Rumors of a girl trapped in the nursery spread through the group of children like an epidemic. Shortly before the big oak caught fire a dragon trainer came,soon the fire died thanks to a water dragon the village wasn't eaten by  flames. The next day there was no trace of a body in the ashes of the dear nursery that cared for the dragons since the beginning of time. At dawn a ceremony took place right outside of  the  forest, unfortunately the rumors were true, may Hael Silver Essence rest in peace. 

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