What happened

NOOOOOO...... MY LIFE IS RUINED . Everyone is gone. There dead gone. Why them why not me please god please.... don't take them from me. i will never be happy again. or so i thought.


1. the tragety

i couldn't feel anything  anything  except sadness and guilt ,i was strong i could get out of  this,i felt so shriveled , out of light , i was frightened for the first time and i didn’t know what to do since my region burnt away i finally get to live a life by myself don’t know how to and i don’t want to know how. i want my family back my mom my dad and my little sister sarah i miss them oh so very much and don’t know how to describe my hurtness of  what happen ,actually i wish that i was sent to fight beside them so i could live and die with them. i wish they were not chosen to fight. why why them why not me? ever since the war began with  the regions vanquished with the smoke.. 500 of our people made it out before the war began, but there were still the 600 that did die.  there's a memorial service on monday out of respect of all the people who died for us . i don't think it would feel right to go,all the sadness all in one place and actually saying goodbye, i'm not very good at goodbyes. i wish there were no such thing as goodbyes right before they died i  said goodbye not hello goodbye.i want to say hello again i want to feel them again.i think i'm going to go since  my family was the 2nd top family of our region they will need me to sign the death certificates and to be there to grieve but i don't want to grieve i want to live a full happy life with the people i love and now i have no one else to love except one.

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