What happened

NOOOOOO...... MY LIFE IS RUINED . Everyone is gone. There dead gone. Why them why not me please god please.... don't take them from me. i will never be happy again. or so i thought.


5. The Test

A month has gone by and i still miss them i find it hard to live somedays, but on others i think of it as living for them to make them happy. I have a problem. As you know me and Tyler did the DIRTY...... the week i moved in i got to thinking what if i was pregnant. i mean well we didn't youse  a condom because you know it was in the moment, and i wasn't on birth control. I thought about it and think I'm going to have Tyler come with me to the women health clinic its free so we don't have to spend money. Well today has been good Tyler and I seen  dolphins by the coast today i think it was so romantic . and at that moment i whispered in his ear" i love you" and i heard something so breath taking i want to kiss him right at the moment and what i heard was "me more" i have found someone how loves me and i think about our future and what it could be.Today i ask Tyler about the clinic and he said he would be more than happy lathe i did tell him i had a doctors appointment instead of just a walk in visit. I don't know why but i did. when we went in a lady handed me something to fill out. after filling it out we went to the back i told the doctor i wanted a regular check up so she asked me to take a pregnancy test. as i went to drop body fluids in a tiny cup he stayed. after i was done i went back to my room and i think it had just done on tyler that i might be pregnant because her was freaking out when i went in there he  started looking at me like i was the best pearson in the world and said " you brought me here for the test didn't you?" and all i did was smile

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