What happened

NOOOOOO...... MY LIFE IS RUINED . Everyone is gone. There dead gone. Why them why not me please god please.... don't take them from me. i will never be happy again. or so i thought.


6. The results

His smile soon turned into a worried look.he sat down and put his hand in his lap At that moment the doctor came in. i felt as if i couldnt breath. when the doctor came into  read my results he waited till he was done telling me abut  my physical body, to read the results of the pregnancy test. he asked me when was the last time i had sexual intercoaurse with a man, and Tyler perked up i  told him the date and told me i was 5 weeks pregnant. i was breathless. i mean i was sure i was pregnate but it was weird hearing it for the first time.Tyler was frozen. i looked at him and it was if he was happy but worried at the same time.The doctor started askingt me questiuons about a OBGYN that he highly reccomends. but i told him me and tyler would talk about it. on the car ride home it was mostly sighlent intill i broke the silence by saying"whats wrong". he looked at me and said "your pregnate" i  drove into a parking lot and stoped the car. "what do you mean thats whats wrong" i said.

"i dont know what we are gonna do"

" i know, have a baby "

" we cant" he said

:why not"

" because  we live with my parents, what are parents gonna think they might kick us out they cant afford a baby and i dont have a job".

"we will make it work.look, i love you and i know this baby is gonna work  we are gonna be ok.".

"there is a 50% chance and im not willing to take that..." i interrupted and said

"fine we will both get jobs and then tell your parents. but i am not giving up this baby."

"they might think you are after morning sickness and you getting bigger"

" im not gonna get biger anytime soon" i said and we will tell them i have a stomach but first we havew to tell them we are together. we have to take baby steps are this could be bad."

i put my head on his shoulder and sighed "we can do this but i cant do it alone".

" he looked at me and said" i would never put you threw that,.... i love you" i looked up at him and smiled "me more" i8 kissed him and when were done we went to his parents house.




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