What happened

NOOOOOO...... MY LIFE IS RUINED . Everyone is gone. There dead gone. Why them why not me please god please.... don't take them from me. i will never be happy again. or so i thought.


4. The Next Morning

Its morning and i don't see him.. i look around and he is still not there he couldn't have left because his shirt was on the table next to me. i sat up and put the shirt over my head. when i put  it on it was just big enough so i wouldn't be categorized as naked.when i was done i walked in the kitchen with him cooking breakfast.i raped my arms around him and said good morning when i did he turned around and kissed me. he did it so good i could feel his perfect lips on mine and it was nice. When i let go i said "What ya cookin ?" 

"not only do i help pack stuff i can cook a mean egg omelet." he said as i put plates and forks on the table.When i looked around i could see that he had packed almost all the boxes and put them in a nice pile. after that i watched as he put very good looking omlets on the table and i said " you sure want me t get the hell out of this house now don't ya".

he leaned in and said" yes so that i can do to you as we did last night."

i looked at him and said "i can't wait either" and i put a small kiss on his lips and sat down to eat.after breakfast we decided to go to the market. i thought it was better than going to his place to set up my room. after wards we went to my house and finished packing. in the next week i was all moved into his house. i had my own room so there was no complications with his parents, but i had 1 problem......

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