What happened

NOOOOOO...... MY LIFE IS RUINED . Everyone is gone. There dead gone. Why them why not me please god please.... don't take them from me. i will never be happy again. or so i thought.


3. Me and Him

i could barely swallow my supper i made cereal i was crying so much there was too much milk in my bowl  i kept choking every time food was to go in my mouth i wish for 5 seconds i could stop feeling sad and be the happiest person on earth.the pain is consuming me and i can hardly breath so i go outside and see if fresh air could help and right when i open the door tyler starts to knock. i thought he was not coming since the  conversation at the memorial. isaw him and all i felt was love as i looked in his eyes.i never thought that his eyes would be so green a beautiful piercing green  our eyes disconnect and we walk into the dining room.watched as he picked up a box of the the floor he looked so strong and so sexy. i didn’t know what i was thinking how could a guy picking up a box looked so sexy? i asked myself.he put the box on the table he opened it i was pictures of my family and his family with us  our families always hung out together when i looked into his eyes again i did not see those piercing green eyes  i saw memorize good memorize i loved how pictures can reflect onto your eyes its so pretty. i walked over to him and hugged him i whispered in his ear  i miss them so much. he turned to me eye to eye face to face i was going to kiss him but i thought maybe he should kiss me first so i started to get closer and closer and  the he started to come closer and so i went for it i kissed him i couldn't stop.next thing i know im on the couch chest to chest with him we were so close we started to take each others close off and i felt him it stung btu at the same time felt good at the same time he was good he was slow and took his time.me and him were ready to do this we have know each other our whole life and he was the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. i didn't know if eh felt the same tho.when were done i put my  head on hi chest along side of my hands and i fell asleep.i twas the best night of my life and i spent it with the person i loved


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